History EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. is a newly established Singapore travel agency. The setup of EU Asia Holidays is EU Holidays branch to concentrate on Asia market. While EU Holidays Pte. Ltd. focuses on Europe, USA and Exotic tours with profession, customers are highly satisfied by the tours and strongly request EU Holidays to provide short haul destinations. Due to the development, expansion plan of EU Holidays, EU Asia was established in the summer of 2013, catering to the increasing customers profile and the needs of existing customers. Continuing being professional, EU Asia now is only focusing on Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea to provide customers with specialized tours to enjoy the best journeys. Positioning For customers of all age, EU Asia aims to explore new attraction to make it different from other companies, mainly for our existing clients, making the tours affordable and worthwhile. Progress and milestones As a new agency in Singapore, EU Asia is providing special itineraries with professional and experienced tour leaders. During less than 6 months, EU Asia has received much support from existing customers and new customers. Merely November and December 2013, there are daily departing tours to Korea and Taiwan, which is inspiring. EU Asia aims to grow as a professional agency, targeting to be the most professional Asia tour agency in Singapore travel industry in the next 3-5 years. Besides market share, EU Asia is also planning to grow geographically together with EU Holidays.

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Vision and mission

EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. has the vision to become the leading and professional agency that specializes in Asia countries for the leisure market of Singapore.

The mission statement of EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. is to create something new in the travel industry of Singapore which can be better equipped to handle the progress of the industry brought about by better education and technology



For customers of all age, EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. is providing reasonable priced and carefully planned Asia tours to satisfy customers' demand of traveling by lower price yet higher quality. Unlike competitors who offer plenty of destinations, EU Asia focus only on Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea tours, making it more professional to provide better service.


Progress and milestones

When EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. was newly built, it came across many doubts from the market. Customers know little about EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. , and doubt whether we are reliable or not, question our ability to provide quality group tour. However, confront with such challenges, EU Asia see it as a chance to strives the very best to provide better service, going extra miles.

During the past 2 more years, EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. gradually become the first pop out choice when customers think of travelling to Asia destinations. The biggest progress for EU Asia is the social recognition. EU Asia was set up in the mid of 2013, only after one year's growth, EU Asia awarded Asia Excellent award. Continually, in the beginning of 2015, we were presented: Singapore Brands Award 2015. Subsequently in 2016, EU Asia achieved Top Business Brand 2016 and Weekender Travellers’ Choice Best in China tour and Tripzilla’s Excellent award in Korea Tours.

As a newly built company, in the first business year, EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. had only earned 6 million revenue. However, in the second year 2012, EU Asia double its revenue in a fast growing speed. Moreover, the number of staffs rockets from less than 5 initially to more than 50 currently. In addition, EU Asia now have 2 offices in Singapore compared with only one office in the first year. The expansion proves that EU Asia has been expanding quickly.

The last but not the least, customers' certification and recognition level for EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. is turning very high in contrast with our beginning period. EU Asia provides not only travel service, but also the unforgettable experience which makes EU Asia Holidays Pte. Ltd. grow fast in this market, successfully winning the market attention and establishing