20 Things to do in Asia before you die
05 Jun

20 Things to do in Asia before you die

Asia is a large continent that offers an exhilarating mix of places to see and things to do. Don’t know where to start? These are the top 20 things you must do in Asia before you die.

Asia travel guide

1.Drive through one of the world’s highest roads, Pakistan’s Karakoram Highway.

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2.Explore Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. Located in serene, breathtaking landscapes, these monasteries will provide you peace and tranquility.

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3.Rather than training for months to climb Mount Everest, fly above it. For an even better experience, try skydiving past Mount Everest.

India travel train

4.Travel in a train in India as it criss-crosses its way across the country. It is a travel experience unlike any other.

tiger nest Bhutan tour

5.Climb to the Tiger’s Nest (Taktsang Palphug) in Bhutan. Located at an altitude of 10,200 feet, this complex includes 15 temples.


6.Enjoy a relaxing soak in the natural hot springs of northern Honshu in Japan alongside snow monkeys.

Thailand travel guide

7.Try some tasty bugs in Bangkok.

China travel guide

8.Climb Mount Hua in China. At 2,160 meters, this majestic mountain is treacherous to climb but extremely beautiful.

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9.Ride the steepest roller coaster in the world at Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland Park. The amusement park is one of the best in the world with 14 world records to its credit. Certainly one of the top things to do in Asia for adrenaline junkies.

Cambodia travel guide

10.Ride a bike to Preah Vihear, a remote hilltop temple in Cambodia. The roads are treacherous and require a dirt bike as well as a lot of experience.

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11.Visit the East Asian and Central steppes of Mongolia to see the nomadic lifestyle of the locals in this sparsely populated area.

Travel Mt Fuji Japan

12.Climb Japan’s Mount Fuji and pay homage to God.

India Kumbh Mela

13.Visit India’s Kumbh Mela and bathe in holy Ganges along with thousands of pilgrims.

Vietnam Halong Bay

14.Sail through the Halong Bay in Vietnam. A natural cove featuring limestone islands and cragged peaks, Halong Bay has inspired painters and poets for centuries.

Cambodia Angkor Wat

15.Watch sunrise at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is breathtaking in its beauty and history.

Thailand travel guide

16.Ride a motorcycle cab in Thailand. The ride is an excellent adventure as the motorcycle speeds by buses and cars on crowded streets.

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17.Walk on the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall is not only a highlight for anyone visiting China but also an architectural achievement unlike any other in the world.


18.Visit the Gion neighborhood of Kyoto to get a glimpse of Japan’s geishas.


19.Free fall from the Macau Tower. This is the world’s highest bungee jump at 233 meters high. You’ll be plunging at speeds as high as 200 km/hour.

Bali Indonesia

20.Walk through tranquil rice fields in Bali.