Countries where Singaporeans will need a power plug converter
05 Jun

Countries where Singaporeans will need a power plug converter

Before you travel to another country, you not only need to know whether your electrical appliances will work there. In Singapore, the electrical outlets are Type G.

plug g

Other countries where the same plug is used include Bahrain, Brunei, China, Dominica, Hong Kong, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, Zimbabwe and Vietnam among others.

Power sockets used in different countries             

types of plug worldwide

  • Plug type A and B in countries like the United States, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Canada, Cambodia, Netherlands and Mexico.
  • Plug type C can be used in most counties in Europe as well as in Vietnam, Zambia, Turkey, Thailand, St. Vincent, Russia, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Nepal, Norway, Korea, Laos, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh and Argentina.
  • Plug Type M and D are used in countries like Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Nepal, Burma, Monaco, Maldives, Madagascar, Greece, India, Kenya, Hong Kong, Ecuador, Dominica, Botswana, Bangladesh and UAE.
  • Plug type E is used in countries like Belgium, Cameroon, Czech Republic, El Salvador, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Indonesia, Laos, Madagascar, Morocco, Monaco, Tunisia and Syria.
  • Plug type F is used in Algeria, Austria, Bosnia, Cape Verde, Bulgaria, Salvador, Germany, France, Hungary, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Monaco, Myanmar, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Sweden and Turkey.
  • Plug type H is only used in Gaza and Israel.
  • Plug type I is used in China, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Plug type J is used in Ethiopia, El Salvador, Madagascar, Maldives, Switzerland and Rwanda.
  • Plug type K is used in Bangladesh, Greenland, Denmark, Madagascar, St. Vincent, Maldives, Tunisia and Senegal.
  • Plug type L is used in Italy, Chile, El Salvador, Cuba, Uruguay, Syria and Maldives.

Appliances compatible with worldwide voltages

It is also important to remember that different countries have different power voltages and a plug adaptor will not change the shape of your plug. It will not covert the voltage. You will therefore need a voltage convertor for using certain appliances. In most cases, modern appliances today are usually compatible with worldwide voltages so you will not need to invest in a power plug converter. Such appliances usually include digital music players, digital camcorders, digital cameras, cell phones, PDAs and laptops that tourists are most likely to bring with them during their trip. Personal items such as shavers, curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers are not always compatible with worldwide voltages so you may need to invest in a power plug converter if you plan to bring those items with you.