Explore the Intriguing Facets of Taiwan with EU Asia
21 Mar

Explore the Intriguing Facets of Taiwan with EU Asia

Put a new spin on your trip to Taiwan with packages from EU Asia. Whether you’re travelling with family or alone, Taiwan offers a plethora of sights that will appeal to travellers from all walks of life. 


8D7N Taiwan All-in Deluxe


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Discover the historical and cultural highlights of Taiwan in this 8-day tour! From the bustling Shifen Old Street to the popular Wenwu Temple, this itinerary is packed with sights that embody the very soul of Taiwan. 


Shifen Old Street


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With a history that can be traced back to the Japanese era, the Shifen Old Street is a lively hub comprised of lanes and alleys that occupy the old Shifen railway station area. In the past, the stop was built with the intention to transport coal, and this is apparent by the way the railroad tracks run straight through the village. Today, the site has revamped itself as a tourist destination and draws travellers to its tantalising offerings of delicacies and souvenir shops selling captivating handicrafts. The biggest draw of this place is the act of writing one’s wishes on a sky lantern and releasing it into the air. The Pingxi area becomes particular busy during the Sky Lantern Festival, which sees an rise in visitors who would like to send their wishes to the high heavens.


Eternal Spring Shrine (Changchun Shrine)


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Nestled in the lush green Taroko National Park, the Eternal Spring Shrine was erected in 1958 to pay honour to the 212 workers who lost their lives in the construction of the Central Cross-Island Highway. The combination its distinctive Tang Dynasty architectural style and its unique location has made this shrine a popular destination amongst travellers. 

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Recognised as the “Creative Hub of Taipei”, the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was created to cultivate budding talents and encourage innovative minds. As Taipei’s largest creative space, the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park occupies the grounds of a former Japanese tobacco factory. Revamped to house a large public park with exhibition halls, art shows, and conference spaces, this site gives visitors a peek into Taiwan’s vibrant art and cultural scene. 


8D7N Beautiful Taiwan Alishan


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As much as Taiwan is known for its historical and cultural highlights, it is also renowned for its natural attractions that will leave you breathless at every turn. Book the beautiful Taiwan Alishan tour and uncover some of Taiwan’s most beautiful sceneries. 


Alishan National Park


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Situated in central Taiwan, approximately 2500 m above sea level, the Alishan National Park offers stunning vistas that’s comprised of dramatic landscapes, scenic routes, and hiking trails. In addition to its thick, green foliage, the park is also home to a number of sights, including the Alishan Forest Railway, which was built by the Japanese Colonial Government in 1912 and the Alishan Shouzhen Temple, Alishan’s largest temple. 


Sun Moon Lake, Bike path around Sun Moon Lake


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The Sun Moon Lake is an attraction that needs no introduction. Acclaimed for its pristine, mirror-like surface, this lake is one of Taiwan’s most notable highlights. The lake is named after the east and the west side of the lake - the east is shaped like the sun and the west is shaped like a crescent. During the Mid Autumn Festival, the lake receives visitors all over during the Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake. The annual 3km race is the only time swimmers are allowed to swim in the lake. The lake is also home to the aboriginal Thao tribe who run many of the local businesses in the region.


Zhong She Guanguang Flower Farm


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From vibrant red tulips to fields of sunflowers that seem to stretch on forever, this place exudes an almost fantastical sight. Filled with oddly, yet somehow well-placed props including a piano in the middle of a lavender field, wooden windmills, a large cello, and other quirky additions, this farm is nothing short of spellbinding. The farm occupies an extensive space of six hectares, housing landscaped gardens and flower beds of varying shapes and sizes. Since the flowers are seasonal, there’s something new to see with every visit. 


7N6N Easy "GO" Taiwan + Leofoo Village Theme Park


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Planning a family vacation? Worried about keeping the kids entertained and engaged? Then look no further, the 7N6N Easy “GO” Taiwan + Leofoo Village Theme Park will offer something for everyone. 


Leo Foo Village Theme Park


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The Leo Foo Village Theme Park may very well be on par with Disneyland; the park has a number of themed attractions and highlights such as water slides, roller coasters, and even a petting zoo. Built in 1979, the park presents itself as a cross between a zoo and a theme park. Notably the biggest of its kind in the island, the park encompasses four major themed areas, including “Wild West”, “South Pacific”, “Arabian Kingdom”, and “African Safari”. Apart from its themed rides, the park also has animal demonstrations with various wildlife, including white tigers, and flamingoes.



If there’s a place that clearly captures the magical atmosphere of the fictional world of Harry Potter, it’s this dessert restaurant. The high ceilings combined with the tall and imposing wooden shelves are reminiscent of the many stores featured in the films. Named after its first owner, a Japanese doctor, the space served as a ophthalmic hospital during the Japanese occupation, before it became the Taichung City Government Public Health Bureau and then finally settled into its current role. 


Green Green Grassland, Qingjing Farm


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This place is perfect for kids and those young at heart. Get to know the farm’s four-legged residents and be entertained by shows - horse-riding and sheep-shearing. Additionally, the little ones can enjoy pony rides, which will be available during the day at the Green Green Grasslands - located in the northern section of the Qingjing Farm.


Flying Cow Ranch


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Contrary to its unusual name, the vast, green grassland grazes cattles, horses, sheeps and other farm animals. The popular tourist attraction provides an immersive interactive experience that allows kids to milk cows, camp in the woods, or even kick it back and relax under the starry, night sky. There are also a number of hands-on activities including painting cow figurines, making egg pancakes and ice-cream available for kids to partake in. The ranch itself is so big that it’s divided into four different areas, each reserved for a specific animal or purpose.


7D6N East Coast Home Stay Experience


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If you’d like a laid-back vacation that lets you experience the best that Taiwan has to offer, consider booking a 7-day trip that covers points of interest that acquaints you with the lively atmosphere without compromising the authenticity of this island nation.


Mr. Brown Castle Café

If there’s a cafe that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of Taiwan, as well as its distinctive flavour, it's the Mr. Brown Castle Cafe. Positioned on the mountainside, this charming little spot serves warm beverages and delicious desserts. It’s European-style facade and mouth-watering treats provide the perfect place to unwind and take in the scenery while indulging in a cuppa.


Luye Gaotai


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Much like Cappadocia, Luye Gaotai is renowned for its hot air balloons drifting over the enchanting East Rift Valley Scenic Area. During the annual international Hot Air Balloon Festival, the location is filled with numerous colourful balloons of all shapes and sizes drifting up into the atmosphere. Besides offering rides, Luye Gaotai is also known for grass skating and paragliding.


Dongdamen Night Market


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If there’s one way to wrap up your night on a memorable note, it would be to visit the Dongdamen Night Market. Situated in Hualien, it’s the largest of its kind in Taiwan. Selling everything from desserts to stinky tofu, this place is a foodie’s paradise. Besides the coma inducing delicacies that will tantalise your tastebuds, the market also has carnival games to keep you entertained - and burn some calories. The market is made up of different lanes to represent the distinctive Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines.


Taiwan fascinates travellers, both novice and the seasoned, with its spectacular sights and enigmatic facets. Discover Taiwan’s most exciting highlights with EU Asia’s Taiwan tour packages, which covers the destination’s most notable points of interest without compromising its authentic culture and distinctive delights. Reach us at 6307 7878 for more information on our latest promotions and Taiwan tour package deals!