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Local Delight

< • Miyajima Oyster
• Seafood Chanko Nabe
• Yakiniku Buffet
• Udon Set
• Grilled Fish Set
• Tobanyaki Set
• Okonomiyaki Set
• Shabu-Shabu buffet

• Matsuyama: Dogo Onsen Hotel

• Tokyshima: Sunroute Hotel

• Himeji: Hotel Nikko Himeji

• Okayama: Hotel Granvia Okayama

• Hiroshima: HIroshima Airport Hotel


*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list.


1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes or weather condition.

2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on Mandarin itinerary

3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.

4. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 Adult Paying passengers.

5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.


»» 行程顺序可能受到不可预测的情况或恶劣天气的情况下,将会更改或 以其他景点替代行程。以确保旅程的顺畅,如有改动, 怒不另行通知。

»» 导游全程以中文解说,除非另有说明。

»» 本社保留最终权力调整/更改因遇到不可预测的恶劣天气或交通突 发情况,受影响的行程内容将不接受任何赔偿/退款。

»» 如中英行程有差异,请以中文行程为主。

»» 至少25位成人将有一名新加坡领队同行。

»» 在旅游高峰期间(国内旅游及国外旅游)国际航班与国内航班可能 有所不同,将以廉价航空作为代替。

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Our Vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan


• Imabari Towel Museum - It’s a very imposing building in an architectural style that can best be described as “modern Japanese château”. When you get inside, you quickly realize that the familiar words “towel’ and “museum” have been interpreted very broadly.

• Dogo Onsen Main Building - a Meiji Period wooden public bathhouse, dating from 1894. The interior of the Honkan is a maze of stairways, passages and rooms, all which bustle with bathers and staff. It is said to have served as inspiration for Miyazaki's popular animated film "Spirited Away".

• Dogo Shopping Arcade

• Matsuyama Castle (Inside+ Ropeway) - with its constrcution starting in 1603, was completed in 1627 by Kato Yoshiaki, who had once served under the hegemon Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the ruler of Japan in the latter half of the 16th century.


• 今治毛巾美术馆 - 是一间以毛巾制作出各式各样意 想不到的作品,今治毛巾也是这里有名的产品。

• 松山日本道后温泉 - 日本最古老的温泉

• 道后温泉街 - 连接道后温泉本馆和道后温泉站全长 约250米,呈L型的拱廊商店街。

• 松山城(含门票+来回缆车) - 雄踞在海拔132公尺 的勝山山頂,在日本全國僅存12座的現存天守之 中,松山城是擁有位置最高海拔的城堡,

• Kazurabashi Bridge - suspension bridges made of mountain vines (kazurabashi) were one of the only ways to easily move people and goods across the river of the of the Iya Valley.

• Biwa No Taki • Oboke Gorge Boat Cruise - On this gentle 30-minute boat ride down the Yoshino River, guides point out interesting rocks, many of which resemble different animals, along the way.

• Awa Odori Kaikan - most famous of many dance festivals held across Japan during the Obon season in mid-August. Awa is the former name for Tokushima Prefecture while Odori means dance.


• 奥祖谷的秘境藤蔓桥 - 蔓藤橋是從秘境奧祖谷中長 出來藤蔓編織而成的橋,為日本三大奇橋之一。

• 琵琶瀑布:琵琶瀑布高50公尺,傳說從前平氏家族 的殘兵懷念京都,在這個瀑布旁彈奏琵琶,互相安 慰,琵琶瀑布因此得名。

• 大步危峡(游船) - 呈V字形的大步危峽一年四季分 別呈現不同的美,您可以在河上悠閒地享受。(乘船 往返需要30分鐘) *如冬天游船停驶将由水果采摘来代替。

• 阿波舞蹈会馆 - 将每年8月的盂兰盆节期间的4天 举办的日本传统艺术之一的阿波舞概念化后,可以 在此馆一整年间随时体验。会馆外观是以阿波舞的 高挂提灯为主题,采用逆梯形的独特外观设计。

• Naruto Whirlpools Cruise - created by the large volumes of water moving between the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific Ocean between high and low tide, combined with the unique underwater geography of the narrow strait.

• The Akashi Bridge (Photo stop) - with a length of almost four kilometers, the world's longest suspension bridge.

• Himeji Castle (Inside) - The castle is both a national treasure and a world heritage site.


• 鸣门漩涡(游船)- 涡流是海峡两侧的濑户内海和纪 伊水道潮涨潮落时,两个水域之间因会产生 1.5 米 水位落差,从而导致高水位一侧的潮水快速灌进海 峡而引起的现象。春天和秋天的大潮时节,会产生 时速达 20 公里以上,直径超过 20 米的巨大旋涡。

• 远眺明石海峡大桥

• 姬路城(含门票):1993年日本首個被註冊為世界文 化遺產的“姬路城”,具有1千年歷史的曾用做好萊 塢電影《最後的武士》的外景地的“書寫山園教寺”

• Experience Fruit Picking (subject to weather)

• Koraku-en Japanese Garden - attempts to reproduce famous landscapes in miniature, using ponds, stones, trees and manmade hills to replicate both Japanese and Chinese scenery.

• Kurashiki Canal (Boat Ride) - Canals were built to allow boats and barges to navigate between the city's storehouses and the nearby port.

• Kurashiki Mitsui Outlet Park


• 水果采摘 -( 视天气而决定)

• 后乐园 - 岡山後樂園為日本最美的三大庭園之一, 是彌足珍貴的文化遺產

• 倉敷运河(游船) - 漂亮迷人的古運河沿岸,是刻意 保育的白壁舊倉庫區域,配上一家家特色店鋪及博 物館,成為人氣遊點,

• 倉敷三井购物城

Ferry to Miyajima Island

• Itsukushima Shrine - The shrine is known worldwide for its iconic "floating" torii gate.

• Miyajima Omotesando Shopping Street

• Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum - the area of what is now the Peace Park was the political and commercial heart of the city. For this reason, it was chosen as the pilot's target. Four years to the day after the bomb was dropped, it was decided that the area would not be redeveloped but instead devoted to peace memorial facilities.

• Atomic Bomb Dome - is a symbol of peace which most people have at least seen at one time in a picture.

• Hondori Shopping Street



• 严岛神社(海上大鸟居) - 世界文化遗产,以建于海 上之神社及大鸟居闻名于世的「神岛」

• 严岛神社参道商店街

• 大阪烧DIY

• 广岛和平公园和纪念博物馆 - 資料館陳列展示出原 子彈爆發時的實況,目的是希望世界各國能夠放棄 使用核武器,達致世界和平。

• 本通商店街

Today, free at your own leisure until departure transfer to airport. we hope you had an enjoyable holiday with EU Asia Holidays.

今天你可以自由活动,直到集合时间出发到机场, 最后集合告别日本,乘搭客机飞返新加坡,希望您同优亚假期共享美丽的回忆。

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