• 中国现存唯一一座清代武官衙署清 - 绥远将军衙署

• 希拉穆仁草原

• 蒙古族最高的迎接礼仪—下马酒

• 银肯塔拉响沙生态旅游景区 (含往返索道)

• 成吉思汗陵旅游区 (含电瓶车+婚礼表演)

• 蒙亮民族风情园


Meal Plans:

• 手把肉风味

• 涮肉风味

• 健康莜面风味

• 沙漠风味

• 北京烤鸭

• 饺子宴

• 私家菜风味

• 功德林素宴

• 呼和浩特:4加隆曼福特酒店

• 草原:豪华蒙古包

• 鄂尔多斯达旗:4阳光奥斯特酒店

• 北京:5前门富力智选假日酒店


*注:酒店可能临时变动。此情形下,本公司将 为顾客安排同等星级的酒店住宿。


1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes.

2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on Chinese itinerary

3. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 Adult Paying passengers.

4. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.

5. Tour is conducted in mandarin unless otherwise stated

6. We can provide non-shopping tour for you, kindly contact our friendly staff for more price and tour details.


1. 行程顺序可能受到不可预测的情况或恶劣天气的情况下,将会更改或 以其他景点替代行程。以确保旅程的顺畅,如有改动, 怒不另行通知。

2. 导游全程以中文解说,除非另有说明。

3. 本社保留最终权力调整/更改因遇到不可预测的恶劣天气或交通突 发情况,受影响的行程内容将不接受任何赔偿/退款。

4. 如中英行程有差异,请以中文行程为主。

5. 至少25位成人将有一名新加坡领队同行。

6. 我们可以提供无购物团,请向EU员工质询


Tipping: SGD6 per person per day (China Tour guide and Driver)

Human Tricycle tipping: RMB10 per person

Mandatory additional tour:

Meidaizhao + Inner Mongolia Museum + Kung Fu Show + Chang’an Night tour + Xiushui Street =RMB550.00 per person

Shopping Store: Beijing – Jade, Tong Ren Tang


小费: SGD6.00/人/天(中国导游,司机)

三轮车游胡同小费:RMB10 每人


“金国都城”美岱召 +内蒙古博物馆 +少林功夫秀+长安街夜景+秀水 街=RMB550.00/人

购物店: 北京-玉器、同仁堂

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Assemble at Changi International Airport for group check-in. Embark flight from Singapore to Hohhot, transit at Beijing. Arrive safely, gather with local tour guide.

• Suiyuan General Government office - National only a military attaches Government Office.

• After, we transfer to Hotel for the rest.


• 齐聚樟宜国际机场搭乘豪华客机飞往内蒙古首府呼和浩特(在北京转机)。
• 绥远将军衙署-中国现存唯一一座清代武官衙署,领略清代一品封疆大吏的威武气势以及武官衙署的建筑风貌.晚餐后送至酒店休息。

• Xilamuren Grassland - along the way enjoying the Yinshan main vein - Da Qing Mountains.

• Dismount wine welcoming ceremony- Mongolian most noble and warm welcoming. And enjoy the traditional Mongolian high tea.

• Lunch taste of Hand-Grilled lamb; watch the Mongolian man Show (Horse Racing, Wrestling).

• Watch the folk dance performances and attend the evening campfire.

• Overnight at Yurt.


• 希拉穆仁草原-呼和浩特周边最具民族风情的景区,途中观巍峨大青山之壮景。
• 下马酒仪式-蒙古族最高的迎接礼仪—,之后进入茶点包,品尝蒙古族传统饮食之—白食(浓香的奶茶,营养丰富的奶酪,炒米,奶皮)。
• 午餐品尝手把肉风味,下午观看蒙族摔跤及赛马表演!
• 晚欣赏民族歌舞表演参加篝火晚会。晚入住草原豪华蒙古包。

• Ken Silver Sand Bay (include desert cableway)

- National AAAA level scenic spots, enjoy our lunch at the world’s largest yurt restaurant, after lunch take the world’s longest desert cableway, experience the unique thrills desert tourist attractions activities and enjoy the Mongolian different kind of style. Sand Bay is not only a mysterious natural wonders. Next we go to Erdos.


• 银肯塔拉响沙生态旅游景区(含往返索道)- 国家AAAA级及拥有世界九项吉尼斯纪录的,于世界上最大的蒙古包餐厅就餐,下午乘坐世界上目前最长的沙漠索道上沙坡,体验沙漠带给你的震撼。后乘车赴鄂尔多斯市.

• Mausoleum of Genghis Khan (Including eco friendly car + wedding show) - National AAAA level scenic spots, is a temple devoted to the worship of Genghis Khan.

• Next we back to Hohhot visit Mengliang Ethnic Handicraft Park.


• 成吉思汗陵旅游区(含电瓶车+婚礼表演)-AAAAA级旅游区,在这里,成吉思汗文化和蒙古族民族精神体现得淋漓尽致,领略“气壮山河”的博大恢弘。后返回呼和浩特,参观国家AA级蒙亮民族风情园。

• Today we take domestic flight to Beijing.

• The Great Wall (Ju Yong Guan) - is world’s largest military defense, the immortal masterpiece of human.

• View Beijing National Stadium ‘Bird’s Nest’ and Beijing National Aquatics Center ‘Water Cube’


• 居庸关长城-居庸关长城两旁山峦重叠,树木葱郁,山花烂漫,景色瑰丽,被列为燕京八景之一。
• 奥林匹克公园-鸟巢+水立方(外观)-2008年北京奥运会标志性建筑物之一。

• The Tiananmen Square - precisely located at the south-north axis of Beijing.

• The Palace Museum (Forbiden City) – offers you a visual feast of 5,000 years of traditional Chinese art with a rich concentration of architecture and artifacts from the Ming and Qing imperial courts.

• View National Centre for the Performing Arts (overview) , Wang Fu Jing Shopping Street, Tong Ren Tang and Yaxiu Market.


• 天安门广场-北京的心脏地带,是世界上最大的城市中心广场。
• 故宫-现今世界上保存最好、规模最大的故宫博物院。
• 国家大剧院(外观),逛逛著名的王府井大街,参观 百 年老店-同仁堂,然后前往购物天堂-雅秀市场.

• The Temple of Heaven – the largest and most representative existing architecture among China’s ancient sacrificial buildings used to be the place held Heaven Worship Ceremony pray for good harvest.

• Experience Hutong (Alleyway) + Human Tricycle & Siheyuan (Courtyard) – take human tricycle travel through old beijing’s iconic road – Hutong. Walk into the Siheyuan and get in touch with the shadow of ancient China.

• Shi Cha Hai Bar Street – a famous scenic area in Beijing, visitors are able to enjoy the locals recreational life surrounded with historical interests, next enjoy free foot massage.


• 天坛公园-世界上现存规模最大、最完美的古代祭天建筑群。
• 三轮车胡同游+四合院家访-胡同加上三轮车,老北京的古典意涵,不言而喻!
• 什刹海酒吧街-古老的烟波,时尚的酒影,衬托着依旧令人着迷的什刹海。晚享受赠送足底按摩一次!

Enjoy your free & easy tour in Beijing on last day before proceed to Beijing Capital International Airport. We hope you had enjoyed your trip with EU Asia and we look forward to seeing you again.



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