Meal Plans:

5 Breakfasts 5 Lunches 4 Dinners


Special meals:

Local Delight

• Shabu Shabu
• Yakiniku or Seafood BBQ
• Sukiyaki
• Hida Beef Japanese Set
• Tempura Set

• Takayama: Takayama Asoccia

• Kanazawa: ANA Crowne Plaza

• Nagano: Korobe Kanko Onsen

• Karuizawa: Green Plaza Onsen

• Tokyo: Shinagawa Prince


*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list.


1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes or weather condition.

2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on Mandarin itinerary

3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.

4. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 Adult Paying passengers.

5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.


»» 行程顺序可能受到不可预测的情况或恶劣天气的情况下,将会更改或 以其他景点替代行程。以确保旅程的顺畅,如有改动, 怒不另行通知。

»» 导游全程以中文解说,除非另有说明。

»» 本社保留最终权力调整/更改因遇到不可预测的恶劣天气或交通突 发情况,受影响的行程内容将不接受任何赔偿/退款。

»» 如中英行程有差异,请以中文行程为主。

»» 至少25位成人将有一名新加坡领队同行。

»» 在旅游高峰期间(国内旅游及国外旅游)国际航班与国内航班可能 有所不同,将以廉价航空作为代替。

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to ‘’Land of the Rising Sun’’ Japan. Upon arrival transfer to Gujo city.

于新加坡樟宜机场乘搭豪华客机前往‘日出之国’ 日本。

• Gujo Hachiman - Best experienced on foot! You can easily walk just about anywhere in the town, and enjoy an "out of urban" experience that will soothe your soul.

• Sample Village - Enjoy a DIY session of making food samples at food replica working shop.

• Takayama old Merchant Street - Edo era traditional Japanese shopping street. Take a picture stop at Nakabashi Bridge.

• Hida Takayama Jinya - Ancient Edo era government house.


• 郡上八幡 - 参观君上八幡漫步职人街和锻冶屋街等 街区间行走,还能看到在道路两侧的水路,而在柳 街的家家户户则保留了曾经古老街区的风貌。郡上 八幡从江户时代开始到现在,一直保持着其当初的 风貌,十分有魅力。

• 郡上八幡食品样本制作商店 - 亲自体验制作食品样本。

• 高山宮川中桥 - 高山是座静谧的小城,漫步在火红 色的桥拍照留念。

• 飛騨和风街道 - 江户传统的日式购物街,售卖古式 传统的手工艺品

• 飛騨高山阵屋 - 江户时代的衙门及官员入住之处, 合称“阵屋”

• Shirakawa-go - world Heritage site, the gassho style of building is characterized by steep, thatched roofs. These steep roofs connect over massive wooden beams, shaped like hands folded in prayer.

• Shiroyama Observatory Deck - To enjoy stunning view.

• Kanazawa Ohmicho Market - Kanazawa's largest fresh food market, it is a busy and colourful network of covered streets lined by about 200 shops and stalls. While most shops specialize in the excellent local seafood and produce.

• Kanazawa Kenrokuen Park - "Three most beautiful landscape gardens" (Replace by Tonami Tulip Park during 21 April to 05 May subject to weather conditions).


• 白川乡合掌村 - 深入体会江户时代的民族生活风 貌,这里的所有房屋皆是合掌形式建造被列入“世 界文化遗产”

• 白川乡天守閣展望台 - 站在展望台見到整個白川乡 合掌村全景的美丽。

• 金泽近江町市場 - 这里有超过200间店家,可以买 到新鲜的各种美味海鲜

• 兼六园 - 为地居金泽城附近高台的日本式庭园,日 本三大名园之一的美称。


Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route (6 different kind of transportation)

• Snow Corridor “Yuki no Ootani” - an exciting day awaits us as we will visit the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. It’s known as the Roof of Japan. The route passes through the dynamic scenery of the Mt Tateyama in Japan Alps. We traverse the route using a variety of vehicles (6types) with an elevation change 2400 meters. (Remark: Walking in the snow corridor is only available in mid Apr until end of June during open to public and subject to weather and snow conditions).

• Kurobe Dam - The construction of this dam has been called” the most difficult work of the century”, at 1,500m, Kurobe Dam is the highest arch dam in Japan. Climb 220 stairs to see the finest view of the dam. Also, a great view of the water discharge. 10 tons of water shoot out of the dam every second producing a beautiful rainbow. (Kurobe Dam Observation Deck is limited to June 25 to October 15, depending on weather and decision).


• 立山黑部 - 享有日本阿尔卑斯山美名的立山黑部, 日本三大奇观之一,全程使用6 种交通工具翻山越 岭: 大雪谷中散步,您可以直接触摸雪壁。开山之后 的壮观是立山黑部最具魅力之处。请来亲身感受立 山黑部雪璧的壮丽吧! (大雪谷只限于四月中旬至六月中旬,视天气而决定)

• 黑部水库 - 最受人歡迎的是有魄力的放水場面, 220层阶梯上的展望台景色为黑部水库之最。可于 近处观赏泄洪。每秒钟10吨以上万马奔腾般的泄洪 与彩虹出现的景色,令人叹为观止。!

(黑部水库泄水奇观只限于6月25号至10月15号,视天气 而决定)

• Daio Wasabi Farm - In rural Azumino City near Matsumoto is one of Japan's largest wasabi farms and a popular tourist destination. The farm has multiple large fields with a meticulously maintained network of small streams that constantly provides each wasabi plant with clear, flowing water from the Northern Alps. Only under such pristine conditions is wasabi cultivation possible. From May to October, the fields are protected from the sun by black tarp sheets.

• Matsumoto Castle - is among Japan's oldest and most beautiful castles and along with Hikone Castle, Himeji Castle and Inuyama Castle, is designated as a National Treasure. Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's only twelve completely original castles.

• Karuizawa the Shiraito fall - Ranked among the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan, the 150-meterwide cascade is fed by the volcano's spring water and flows off the edge of a 20-meter-high cliff in thin white streams that resemble hanging threads of silk - hence its name. The base of the waterfall is easily accessible from the road via a walking trail in just a few minutes

• Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza - One of Japan's finest resort areas, located in a rich and beautiful slice of nature. This shopping mall enhances your stay with a range of the world's leading brands. Situated just off the South Exit of Karuizawa Station, the facility offers luxury brands, fashion goods, accessories, sports items, outdoor gear, and more, with close to 240 shops.


• 大王芥末农场 - 占地15公顷,是日本最大的芥末农 场。和寿司一样世界著名的芥末,只栽培在清水中。 水温保持到10度至15度之间,芥末的培养只在一 丝浑浊都没有的清水里进行。大王芥末农场会涌出 阿尔卑斯山的雪水,全年都有清凉的净水培育着芥 末。 在大王芥末农场,你可以一边在那美丽的自然 中享受悠闲散步的乐趣,一边去观看黑泽明导演曾 经的电影《梦》的外景拍摄地的磨坊,以及超过50万 平方米的山葵田。(赠送每人一支芥末冰淇淋)

• 松本城(含入门票) - 松本城始建于永正年间,最初 的原型为深志城,是目前日本现存的最古老的五重 六层式的国宝之城。

• 轻井泽町白丝瀑布 - 被誉为日本最美丽的地下水瀑 布,在凹凸不平的岩壁上挂着数百条水流,像是白 色丝绦一样。

• 轻井泽王子购物广场 - 在美丽富饶的日本少数的 高原度假胜地“轻井泽”开设的集齐世界名品的休 闲型商场。

• Suntory Hakushu Distillery - You can enjoy the sound, temperature and smell of the distillery, watch the malt whisky production process in action, and observe the dedication of the craftsmen. After that, we will take you to the guestroom where you can taste the single malt whisky Hakushu and the component whiskies (not for sale). This tour lets you fully experience Hakushu distillery as well as the single malt whisky "Hakushu."

• Tokyo Imperial Palace - Outlook The primary residence of the Emperor of Japan.

• Nijubashi - Two bridges that form an entrance to the inner palace grounds. The stone bridge in front is called Meganebashi (Eyeglass Bridge) for its looks. • Meiji Shrine - One of the Japan Shinto worship place built as a memorial for Emperor Meiji.

• Harajuku - Tokyo street style, where you can find fashion surrounding here.


• 白州威士忌蒸溜所 - 酒廠於1973年設立於日本山 梨縣,日本南阿爾卑斯山,世界屈指可數的高地蒸 餾所,也位於日本兩座國家公園之間,兼顧環保與 自然保育,更是被稱為野鳥的聖地,深鎖在未經開 發的森林裡,務求南阿爾卑斯山留下的雪水純淨無 污染,才能釀造出好酒。

• 皇居 - 外观日本天皇居住的宮殿 • 南侧的二重桥 - 是游客必到之地,二重桥下的护城 河被公认为皇居最美之地。

• 明治神宮 - 每年都有多场新生儿命名仪式、成人礼、 毕业典礼和婚礼等各种人生重要仪式在明治神宫 举行。日本很多偶像明星的成人礼就在此举行,吸 引了不少拥趸追访,而明治神宫每年上千场的日本 传统婚礼,更为这里增添了一道精致美丽的风景。

• 原宿 - 日本青少年文化及流行最顯著的地區,但也 有讓成年人購物的地方,以及一些歷史古蹟。

Today, free at your own leisure until departure transfer to airport for your flight to home. We hope you had an enjoyable holiday with EU Asia Holidays.


立山车-站美女平 (乘坐登山铁道缆车)
1.7 km - 7分钟车程 海拔 977M
美女平-弥陀原-天狗平-室堂 (乘坐高原巴士)
23 km - 50分钟车程 海拔 2450M
午餐将为您精心安排高原日式“便当”海拔 2450M.
室堂-大观峰 ( 乘坐无轨道隧道电车 )
3.7 km - 10 分钟车程 海拔 2316M
大观峰-黑部平 ( 乘坐空中缆车 )
1.7 m - 7 分钟车程 海拔 1828M
黑部平-黑部湖 ( 乘坐地下电车 )
0.8 km - 5 分钟车程 海拔 1455M
黑部湖-黑部水坝 (步行)
0.8 km - 15 分钟路程 海拔 1470M
黑部水坝-扇泽 ( 乘坐无轨道电车 )
6.1KM - 16 分钟车程 海拔 1433M
* (上述时间表依据当局安排及视气候而定)

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