• Ginga Waterfall
  • Japanese Traditional Tea Tasting experience


  • Kitsune Fox Village
  • Ice Floating
  • The Abashiri Prison Museum


  • Lake Mashu
  • Lake Akan Snow Park


  • Kushiro Tsurumidai
  • Kofuku Station


  • Kitaichi (Include LETAO afternoon tea)
  • Music Box Museum
  • Otaru Canal
Meal Plans:

6 Breakfasts 3 Lunches 5 Dinners

Local Delight

  • Hokkaido Crab
  • Sushi
  • Tempura Platter
  • Shabu Shabu
  • Yakiniku or Seafood BBQ

As Stated or Similar

  • Kitami: InneYu Hotel Shiki Heian no Kan
  • Shiretoko: Daiichi Hotel
  • Lake Akan: New Akan Hotel
  • Tokachi: Tokachigawa Onsen
  • Sapporo: New Otani

*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list.


1. Actual sequence of itinerary is subject to change with-rout period notice. In the event of discrepancy between English and Chinese itineraries, refer to former.
2. Any visit or accommodation affected during major events or festivals will be replaced with an alternative.
3. The entire journey of domestic flight may not be the same as international flight during embargo periods and peak season periods (inclusive both inbound and outbound travel market). Passengers must be completed domestic flight on low cost airlines instead

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Our Vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to the Land of the Rising Sun-Japan.

  • Ginga Waterfall - which runs down gracefully like thin delicate white thread, and "Waterfall of meteor" runs down powerfully as one thick waterfall.
  • Japanese Traditional Tea Tasting experience
  • Kitsune Fox Village - A village filled with free roaming foxes near Shiroishi, unique to only Japan.
  • The Abashiri Prison Museum - Where the daily life of prisoners are exhibited thought the dozen of buildings and structures of the old prison.
  • EU ASIA Exclusive - Ice Floating, touch the drift ice, walk on the drift ice.
  • Lake Mashu - Famously known as the "clearest lake in the world" and also frequently blanketed by heavy fog.
  • Lake Akan Snow Park (include entrance) - Enjoy Snow Mobile, Banana Boat, Ice fishing or enjoy tempura in this wonderland.
  • Kushiro Tsurumidai - A winter feeding ground and viewing area of the beautiful Japanese Red-Crowned Crane.
  • Kofuku Station (kofuku means happiness in Japanese) - A famous station covered with happy tickets.
  • lkeda Wine Castle - Home to the Tokachigawa wine for wine tasting.
  • Kitaichi (Include LETAO afternoon tea).
  • Music Box Museum - A shop with a wide variety of music boxes on sale.
  • Otaru Canal - A historically preserved and romantic district along the canal with beautiful restaurants and shops.

Today you will have the free time to enjoy the charm of Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido.

Today, enjoy some free time at leisure till it is time to transfer to the airport for your flight home. We hope you had an enjoyable holiday with EU Asia Holidays.

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