• Morioka Castle
  • Sakura Shrine
  • Morioka Hachimangu
  • Bank of Iwate Red Brick
  • Sakanamachi Shopping Arcade


  • Tsugaru-han Neputa Village
  • Hirosaki Castle
  • Hirosaki Bank Memorial Hall
  • Fujita Memorial Garden
  • Five Storey Pagoda
  • Fruit Picking



  • Don Quijote
  • Red Brick Museum
  • Akita City Folks Performing Art Heritage Center
  • Kubota Castle Ruin


  • Geibikei Boat Ride
  • Godaido Temple
  • Matsushima Bay Cruise
  • Matsushima Fish Market
  • Morning Market
  • Sendai Ichibancho Shopping Arcade



  • Yamadera
  • Zao Dairy Farm Center


Meal Plans:

5 Breakfasts 5 Lunches 5 Dinners

Local Delight
Shabu Shabu

As Stated or Similar

  • Morioka: Metropolitan Morioka
  • Sendai: Metropolitan Sendai

*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list.


Tour Tipping (Includes Tour Guide & Driver):
JPET07: JPY7000
JPET08: JPY8000

1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes or weather condition.

2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on Mandarin itinerary

3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.

4. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 Adult Paying passengers.

5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.

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Our Vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore direct flight to the Land of the
Rising Sun, Japan.

  • Morioka Castle - a Hirayama-style Japanese castle constructed in 1611.
  • Sakura Shrine - The Sakurayama Shrine is a well-kept, rather lively shrine that has a few extras you won’t see at other shrines.
  • Morioka Hachimangu - one of the most impressive shrines in Morioka City.
  • Bank Of Iwate Red Brick – A beautiful classically-designed Western-style building from the Meiji Era with its red brick and a green dome.
  • Sakanamachi Shopping Arcade
  • Tsugaru-han Neputa Village - Facility where visitors can fully experience the culture of Aomori's Tsugaru area.
  • Hirosaki Castle - The castle is in Hirosaki Park, a spacious public park and one of Japan's best cherry blossom spots.
  • Hirosaki Bank Memorial Hall - At the tip of the tower is a decoration, the kind found on temples in India. The building is designated an important intangible cultural heritage.
  • Five Storey Pagoda - It is one of Japan’s northernmost 5-story pagodas, and it is sometimes called "The most beautiful pagoda in Tohoku".
  • Fruit Picking (Subject to weather condition, if bonus tour is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, it will not be replaced or refunded)
  • Don Quijote
  • Red Brick Museum - a museum dedicated to the fine art work and trade works of the city.
  • Akita City Folk Performing Art Heritage Center – There are displays of festivals, traditional events and folklore unique to Akita Prefecture.
  • Kubota Castle Ruin
  • Geibikei River Ride - The name “Geibi,” which means “lion nose,” comes from a limestone near the end of the gorge which resembles a lion’s nose.
  • Godaido Temple - a symbol of Matsushima. Godaido was built in 807 and contains five statues which were enshrined by the same priest who founded nearby Zuiganji.
  • Matsushima cruise- A round-trip excursion from Matsushima to other beautiful spots
  • Matsushima Fish Market – Matsushima has a year-round market featuring locally caught fish, shellfish and seafood products. Try fried oysters, oyster burgers, clam ramen, sashimi rice bowls and much more.
  • Morning Market
  • Yamadera - The temple grounds extend high up a steep mountainside, from where there are great views down onto the valley.
  • Zao Dairy Farm Center – This is a fun stop where you can taste some of the local cheeses and other dairy delicacies made from fresh milk.
  • Sendai Ichibancho Shopping Arcade – This district is a favourite among the citizens of Sendai.

Bid farewell to this beautiful country and we hope you had an enjoyable vacation with EU Asia Holidays.

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