• Kanasi, A Paradise on Earth -
Kanasi Lake, Wolong Bay,
Moon Bay, Immortal Bay
• Hemu, A Photographer’s Dream -
Tuwa Minority Village
• Colorful Beach
• Fire Mountain
• Koktokay (includes tram ride)
• Bayanbulak Glassland (includes tram ride)
• Kalamaili Nature Reserve
• Karamay Hundreds Mile Oil Field
• Urho Ghost City
• Sayram Lake
• Gouzigou
• Nalati Grassland
• Yili River
• Swan Lake
(includes horse-riding or carriage)
• Jiuqushibawan (includes tram ride)
• Urumqi – Capital of Xinjiang
International Bazaar

Meal Plans:


100% Full Board Meal

• Xinjiang Spicy Chicken
• Kanasi Grilled Fish
• Hongshao Ribs
• Lamb Skewers
• Naren Cuisine
• Xinjiang Zhuafan
• Lamb Barbecue
• Wild Mushroom Chicken

• Stay at Local 4★ Hotel throughout

• 1nights upgraded accommodation a 5★ hotels in Urumqi


1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the sequence of the itinerary is subject to change with/without prior notice.

2. Tour is conducted in Mandarin, unless otherwise specified.

3. English itinerary is translated from Chinese version. If there is a difference, the Chinese itinerary will be taken as the correct version.

4. Xinjiang has a dry climate with high altitude in the mountains and plateau areas. Please bring moisturizers, sunscreens and corresponding medicines.

5. Additional tour : Sailimu Lake loop around lake + Urumqi Folk Dance Performance / Dinner + Tuva home visits=RMB600/ADULT.

6. Viewing of Lavender flowering is depends on weather and seasonal condition.

7. Local Guide and Driver Tipping RMB30pax.day 8. Tour Leader Tipping SGD3pax.day

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to the capital city of Xingjiang, Urumqi (via transit cities). Enjoy your coach journey to Fire Mountain. The hills here look like they are redcolored and at sunrise, it even looks like burning landslides, hence its name. Afterwards, pass Kalamaili Ungulate Nature Reserve, where you can see many state protected rare animals such as Mongolian wild donkeys, geese and Mongolian gazelles. Upon arrival at Fuyun County, enjoy Xinjiang Spicy Chicken for dinner.


After breakfast, coach to visit Koktokay Scenic Spot or Koktokay National Geopark (includes shuttle bus), also known as “China’s Little Yosemite”, after the famous US national park. Keketuohai National Park also goes by the local Kazakh name “Koktokay”. Towering walls of granite rock protrude from the ground surrounded by beautiful white birch forests and the gorgeous Irtish River. Next, tour Yaze Lake, Erem Lake and Mt. Shenzhong. En route to Burqin, visit Beautiful Colorful Beach-Wucaitang. The multi-coloured bay is one of the major tourism attractions with its imposing landscapes. Then, enjoy famous Xinjiang lamb skewers.


After a good rest and breakfast, head to Kanasi Lake (includes tram ride), China‘s only ecological site that has been awarded the title of the ’Pure Land of the World‘, due to its unspoiled original natural scenery. En route,pass by and view the only lake in China that flows directly into the North Pacific Ocean, Irtysh Lake. Visit Wolong Bay, Moon Bay and Shenxian Bay. Enjoy Kanasi Lake Boat Ride and grilled fish for dinner.


After breakfast, visit Guanyu Pavilion (includes shuttle bus ride) to enjoy a bird's eye view of the fairytale-like, lush greenery around Kanas Lake. Built 2030 meters above sea level, it has the best vantage point to view the ‘lake monsters’ in Kanasi Lake! Thereafter, coach to Hemu village in Xinjiang- A hidden heaven and a photographer's paradise.


After breakfast, proceed to Tuwa village. In the beautiful Kanas Lake in Xinjiang, there are 1400 Tuwas. Kanas Tuwa village residents claim to be descended from Mongolians! With a long history, it was recorded in ancient literature where Sui and Tang dynasties were called “Dubo”. Hemu was ranked in the top six most beautiful ancient towns in China by the Chinese National Geography Magazine. Enjoy the beautiful snow mountain, icy lake and grassland. Travel along the Gurbantunggut Desert to the Urho Ghost City also known as The Windy Town. Being one of the few typical wind erosion physiognomies in the world, the Ghost City has become a famous area for its unique landform and the howling wind. The unique wind-eroded geological feature is commonly referred to as "wind city" because of the frequently howling winds. Due to its eeriness, it is also commonly referred to as "Ghost City". Thereafter, view the oil producing centre Kelamayi Hundred Mile Oil Field.


Kashi River, Gong Nasi River, Turks River are the three tributaries of the Ili River. Enjoy the scenery of Sayram Lake on your journey. Sayram Lake, a pearl of the Silk Road, is the largest alpine lake and also the highest in Xinjiang. It is a fairyland with wonderful natural scenery. En route, see Guozigou, also known as "Tale Qi Daban“. Featuring steep but beautiful scenery, it has snow-capped mountain peaks, green forests, waterfalls and blooming flowers on both sides. Enjoy roasted whole lamb for dinner tonight.


Coach to Nalati Grassland (includes shuttle bus). The Nalati Grassland is the sub-alpine meadow of the Gongnaisi Grassland that is one of the world’s four most magnificent grasslands, with the incredible inclusion of plants, valleys, mountains and forests in its midst. Continue to the town of Boyanbulak.


Bayanbulak Grassland is a beautiful prairie, boasting luxuriant verdant grass, flocks of sheep and varied plants, making it the second largest grassland in China. Visit the famous Swan Lake (includes riding or carriage) and the Nine 18 Bend landscape (includes battery car). The beautiful scenery is also a favourite of photographers! Ketian Swan Lake is known as one of the famous lakes among the seven lakes and is also Asia's largest and only Swan Nature Reserve with the largest wild swan population.


After breakfast, coach to Urumqi. Upon arrival, visit Urumqi International Bazaar, currently the world’s largest bazaar. At the bazaar, you will see many ethnic costumes, handmade carpets, crafts and souvenirs. You will also see local shops, restaurants and mosques. Tonight, enjoy Urumqi Folk Dance Performance (at your own expense).


After breakfast, bid farewell to Urumqi and transit at a domestic city for your flight back to Singapore.

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