1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes.

2. Tour itinerary, Hotel detail inclusion base on Chinese itinerary.

3. All tour may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 adults paying passenger.

4. Tour is conducted in mandarin unless otherwise stated.

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Upon arrive Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, greeting and pick up by our friendly guide. Transfer to Guangzhou Train Station to catch a train to Guilin. After breakfast, catch a train back to Guangzhou and transfer to Baiyun International Airport for homebound flight to Singapore.

• Elephant Trunk Hill - symbol of the city of Guilin. It got its name because it looks like an elephant drinking water. It located at the confluence of the Taohua River and the Lijiang River.

• Zheng Yang Walking Street - Leisure, shopping, entertainment in one of the pedestrian streets, 666 meters in length (consistent with the Chinese folk tradition "Liu Liu Da Shun").


• Fubo Hill - is half of it stands in the river and the other half of it on land. Since the galloping water is always blocked here and eddied, the hill is considered to have the power of subduing waves. Moreover, it was on this hill that a temple in commemoration of General Fubo was built in the Tang Dynasty.

• Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise - one of Guilin landscape. Take cruise and enjoy the elite scenery of downtown Guilin.

• Dream of Li River Show - performance combining music and Chinese acrobatics art together.


• Li River Cruise (Guilin to Yangshuo, Lunch on board) - Along the river you can see stunning karst hills, bamboo groves, and villages. Look down in the clear river to see the river bottom and rocky shoals. Highlights along the way include Nine Horse Fresco Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal, 20-Yuan Bill Hill, and Xingping Town.

• Yangshuo West Street - is the oldest one around the ancient town, entailing at least 1,400 years of history, although it was merely 200 meters long, 8 meters wide street.

• Impression of Liu San Jie Show directed by Zhang Yi Mou.


• Silver Limestone Cave - The largest karst cave in Guilin and fully shows the charm of the typical karst landform in south China. Numerous crystal stalactites extend from the roof of the cave like stars in a falling Milky Way.

• Cormorant Fishing - is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers.

• Shi Wai Tao Yuan - 4A (AAAA) National Tourist Attraction Guilin.


• Long Ji (Dragon's Backbone) Terraced Fields - the rice terraces resemble a dragon's scales, while the summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon. Longji Rice Terraces contain three villages. They are Ping’an Village, Jinkeng Village and Guzhuang Village.


• Chengyang Scenic Area - visit Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Chengyang Bazhai, enjoy Song and Dance Performance in Dong Village.

• Sanjiang Yue Liang Street

• Kam (Dong People) Show “Zuo Mei” - See the large-scale live show in Sanjiang Bird Nest.


• Sanjiang Drum Tower (Exclude embarkation) - the soul and landmark of Dong ethnic villages. The drum tower of Sanjiang is reputed as the No.1 drum tower of the world and the first tower of Dong ethnic.

• Sanjiang Chankou Old Banyan Tree

• Yelang Nation Memorial


After breakfast, catch a train back to Guangzhou and transfer to Baiyun International Airport for homebound flight to Singapore.

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