1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodatlon due to unforeseen changes.
2. Tour itinerary. Hotel detail inclusion base on Chinese ltlnerary.
3. All tour may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 adults paying passenger.
4. Tour is conducted in mandarin unless otherwise
5. Jun-July Rainy Season may cause Ganquan Grand Canyon to be closed without prior notice it may be replaced wlth Wave Valley.

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Upon arriving in the capital city of Shaanxi Province - Xi'an, you'll be met by our friendly guide and transfer to your hotel.

  • Ancient City Wall - Largest and best-preserved city wall in China. It‘s one of the icons of Xi'an city.
  • Museum of Gin Terracotta Warriors 8 Horses - A collection of sculptures depicting the armies of Emperor Qin Shi Huang.
  • Mount Huashan (Include Cable Car Ride, Tram & Bus Ride) - one of the five sacred mountains and the known for its long history of religious significance.
  • Yongxingfang Food Street - one of the most popular food streets (specially arrange wine bowl throwing experience).
  • Hukou Waterfalls (lndude Tram Ride) - Largest Waterfalls on the Yellow River and second largest waterfall in China after Huangguoshu Waterfalls in Guizhou.
  • Specially arranged a night's stay beside Hukou Waterfalls. Continue to be amazed by the thrilling sound. rolling goldens waves, changing scenery and majestic vigor in your room.
  • Qiankun Bend Scenic Area - known for its distinctive landscape and profound history and culture. It was named '50 scenic spots of the Yellow River in China'
  • Yellow River Walk Way - enjoy the sceneries of Yellow River while walking on these platforms built on the cliffs.
  • Qingshui bend - the second bend of Yellow River.
  • Wen An Yi Ancient Town - founded in the Wei Dynasty with a history of 1400 years old.
  • Ganquan Grand Canyon (Include Tram Ride & Rain Boots) - It's known for its similar landscapes of the Antelope canyon in USA.
  • Datang Xishi Cultural Scenic Area - Understand Silk Road & Tang Culture.
  • Silk Road Cultural Street - A street that displays the old Silk Road and understand the culture of silk road.
  • Small Wlld Goose Pagoda - one of the significant pagodas in Xi'an located at the old site of the Old Han and Tang Dynasty of the capital Chang'an.
  • Shaanxi National Museum - the first modern national museum of China with important historical relics of ancient China
  • Bell and Drum Tower of Xi'an - Built in 1380 during the Ming Dynasty, it's the largest and oldest architectural building of China.
  • Muslim Cultural a Food Street - It offers all the essence of Xi'an's Hui Minority culture and food. And you can see different types of mosque built over the period.
  • Gao Family Courtyard (Include traditional shadow play show) - an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment which is a living folk tradition in China.

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Singapore.

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