• The Royal Palace

• Silver Pagoda

• Wat Phnom Temple

• Independent Monument

• National Museum

• Sisowath Quay

• Naga World Casino

• Tuol Sleng Museum

• Killing Fields of Choeung EK

• Russian Market


• Angkor silk farm

• Les Artisans d'Angkor

• Cambodian Cultural Village

• Angkor Thom Area

• Ta-Prom Temple

• Angkor Wat Temple

• Dinner and Show at Smile of Angkor

• Floating Village of Chong Khneas

• Tonle Sap Lake



• 金边皇宫

• 银殿/塔山寺

• 独立纪念碑

• 国家博物馆

• 西索瓦码头

• 金界娱乐城

• 波布罪恶馆

• 万人冢

• 俄罗斯市场


• 吴哥制丝场

• 吴哥艺术学校

• 柬埔寨民俗文化村

• 大吴哥

• 塔普伦寺

• 吴哥窟

• 于吴哥微笑餐厅用晚餐与欣赏史 诗剧演出

• 空尼越南浮村

• 洞里萨湖



 »» In the event of local religious festivals, unforeseen circumstances and/or bad weather condition,the sequence of the itinerary may be changed or substituted in by alternative sites without prior notice and/or at short notice in order to ensure smoother journey and tour.

 »» Excluded Tipping for Guide & Driver/ Helper at US$6/ pax/day (Adult & Child).

 »» Excluded Tipping for Tour Leader at US$2/pax/day (Adult & Child).


  »» 当地旅行社有权视当地的情况更改行程次序,酒店住宿或膳食。

  »» 不含当地导游司机小费-美金6元每人每天(大人或小孩)

  »» 不含领队小费-美金2元每人每天(大人或小孩)

  »» 中英文行程版本出现不符之处,将以英文版本为依据。

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Welcome to Cambodia - Phnom Penh and you will be received by our representative and escorted for city tour.

• The Royal Palace - built by King Norodom in 1866 on the site of the old town,

• Silver Pagoda - Located within the grounds of the Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda is so named because of its floor, which is made up of 5000 silver tiles

• Wat Phnom Temple - Phnom Penh's namesake, from where you can enjoy views over the tree-lined avenues of the city.

• Independent Monument.

• Dinner at local restaurant and overnight at Phnom Penh hotel.


• 欢迎来到柬埔寨 – 金边,导游将带您游览金 边城市风貌。

• 金边皇宫 – 1866年由诺罗敦国王兴建于老城 区。

• 银殿 – 位于金边皇宫内,因大厅地板镶嵌了 5000多块银砖而得名。

• 塔山寺 –你可以从这里欣赏城市林荫大道。

• 独立纪念碑

• 于当地餐馆用晚餐,夜宿金边酒店。

After breakfast, transfer to Airport for domestic flight to Siam Reap.

• Upon arrival Siem Reap airport pick up and transfer to visit the Angkor silk farm - where collated in Puok, 16 km from Siem Reap, exhibition on silk and its process.

• Les Artisans d'Angkor - Chantiers Ecoles" of Siem Reap renowned woodworking, stone carving and polychrome workshops.

• Cambodian Cultural Village - A unique, sprawling cultural attraction, intended to introduce the visitor to Cambodian culture and history. Interesting wax museum features scenes and figures from history.

• Dinner at restaurant and overnight at Siam Reap hotel.


• 早餐后,前往机场搭乘国内航班飞往暹粒。

• 抵达暹粒后,导游将带您前去吴哥制丝场 – 位于距离暹粒16公里的普克(Puok),这里主 要展示丝绸与其制作过程。

• 吴哥艺术学校 – 这里是暹粒著名的木工、石 雕和彩绘作坊。

• 柬埔寨民俗文化村 – 这是一个占地辽阔的独 特文化景点,主要向参观者展示柬埔寨的文 化与历史。位于民俗村内的蜡像博物馆以有 趣的方式向访客展示历史人物与场景。

• 于当地参观用晚餐,夜宿暹粒酒店。

• After breakfast at hotel, today visit to Angkor Thom Area (Angkor Thom Temple South Gate, Bayon Temple, Baphuon Temple, Phimean Akas Temple, Elephants Terrace & Leper King Terrace, Royal Palace, Woman and Man Pond).

• Ta-Prom Temple - is the modern name of a temple at Angkor, Cambodia, built in the Bayon style largely in the late 12th and early 13th centuries and originally called Rajavihara

• Angkor Wat Temple – one of the seven greatest architectural wonders of the world, built in between the 9th – 13th century.

• Dinner and Show at Smile of Angkor- is the first grand Epic daily show that revives the Angkor dynasty in all aspects. It's the most worth view show in Cambodia.

• Overnight at Siam Reap hotel.


• 于酒店用完早餐后,从大吴哥(景点包括:大 吴哥城南门、巴戎寺、巴普昂寺、空中宫殿、象 台、疯王台、皇宫、女人池与男人池。)展开今 日的行程。

• 塔普伦寺 – 与巴戎寺的建筑风格相同,建于 12世纪末至13世纪初,最初被命名为拉贾维 哈拉(Rajavihara),后改为塔普伦寺。

• 吴哥窟 – 建于公元9世纪至13世纪,是世界七 大奇迹之一。

• 于吴哥微笑餐厅享用晚餐与观赏演出 – 《吴 哥的微笑》是第一部浓缩吴哥王朝精华的史 诗巨作,是到柬埔寨最值得欣赏的演出。

• 夜宿暹粒酒店。

• Today experience Floating Village of Chong Khneas - located 10 kilometers south of Siem Reap.

• Enjoy traditional wooden boat for a ride on the Tonle Sap Lake - the "Great Lake" of Cambodia, one of the largest in Asia and time leisure at the local market .

• Transfer to Airport for domestic flight to Phnom Penh.

• Visit the National Museum - also called Musee des Beaux-Arts. A French archaeologist and painter, Georges Groslier, designed it in Khmer style in 1917. The museum contains a collection of Khmer art - notably sculptures – from throughoutthe ages.

• Sisowath Quay - is a striking threekilometre- long boulevard, located along the intersection of the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers.

• Naga World Casino

• Dinner at restaurant and overnight at Phom Penh hotel


• 今天将体验空尼越南浮村的生活日常 – 空尼 位于暹粒往南10公里处。

• 在洞里萨湖享受乘坐木舟的乐趣 – 洞里萨湖 是柬埔寨的“大湖”,也是亚洲淡水大湖之一, 可以逛逛当地市集。

• 国家博物馆 – 也称为艺术博物馆,是由一位 法国考古学家兼画家乔治·格罗斯利(Georges Groslier)于1917年以高棉风格设计。这座 博物馆收藏了许多高棉时期的艺术品,其中 尤以雕塑最为可观。

• 西索瓦码头 – 坐落在洞里萨河和湄公河的交 汇处,拥有一条长达三公里的林荫大道。

• 金界娱乐城

• 于当地餐馆享用晚餐,夜宿金边酒店。

• After breakfast, visit the Notorious Tuol Sleng Museum - In 1975 Tuol Svay Prey High School was taken over by Pol Pot's security forces and turned into a prison known as Security Prison 21 (S-21)

• Killing Fields of Choeung EK - just outside Phnom Penh about a 20-40 minute was an orchard and a Chinese cemetery prior to 1975. During the Khmer Rouge regime it became one of the killing fields.

• The Russian Market (Psah Tuol Thom Pong) - a lively outdoor market where you will find antiquities, silver and gold jewelry, gems, silk, kramas, stone and wood carvings, as well as T-Shirts, CDs and other souvenirs.

• Dinner at restaurant and overnight at Phnom Penh.


• 早餐后,到访恶名昭彰的波布罪恶馆 – 1975 年,波布的安全部队接管一所名为Tuol Svay Prey的高中,并将之改造为著名的“安全监 狱-21”(S-21)。

• 万人冢 – 离开金边约20至40分钟车程便 可抵达,1975年以前,这里是一座果园与 华人墓地。在红色高棉时期成为一座波布 杀戮无辜的乱葬岗。

• 俄罗斯市集 ( Psah Tuol Thom Pong ) – 是一个热闹的户外市集,在这里你可 以找到古董、金银珠宝、宝石、丝绸、格罗 麻(Kramas, 即水布)、石头、木雕,还有T 恤、CD等其他纪念品。

• 于当地餐馆享用晚餐,夜宿金边酒店。

After breakfast at the hotel, say farewell to Cambodia as you prepare to return home after a memorable week in one of the Kingdom of WONDERS. Transfer to airport for departure.


享用早餐后,便到了与柬埔寨说再见的时 刻,收拾好一周奇迹王国的美好旅行心情, 您将前往机场搭乘飞机将返回新加坡的家。

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