• The forest clock (Mori no Tokei)
  • Waterfall of Shirahige
  • Blue Pond
  • Oobako


  • Daisentsuzan Kurodake ropeway 
  • Ginga Waterfall
  • Asahikawa Ramen Village
  • The Snow Crystal Museum of Asahikawa


  • Fruit picking Experience
  • Mt Showa
  • Mt. Uzu (Cable car ride)
  • Lake Toya


  • Mt Yotei


  • Otara Canal


  • Shiroi Koibito Park
  • Hokkaido Shrine
  • Hokkaido University (Ginkgo Avenue)
  • Former Hokkaido Government Building
  • Sapporo Beer Museum
  • Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade
  • JR Tower Shopping Center
Meal Plans:

5 Breakfasts 4 Lunches 4 Dinners

Local Delight

  • Tokachi Pork Donburi
  • Sushi+Sashimi
  • Ishikari Nabe
  • Shabu Shabu
  • Nanda Seafood buffet + 3 types of Hokkaido crab

As Stated or Similar

  • Sounkyo: Sounkyo Kanko
  • Jozankei: Jozankei Onsen
  • Niseko: Niseko Hilton
  • Sapporo: Sapporo Park Hotel

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2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on Chinese itinerary

3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.

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5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.

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Our vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to the Land of the Rising Sun-Japan.

  • The Forest Clock (Mori no Tokei) this picturesque coffee shop was once the setting of a famous Japanese TV drama. The name "Mori-no-Tokei" or Forest Clock Cafe is a reference to time, and how time passes slowly when sitting, looking out into the forest, with a fresh cup of coffee. Guests are offered the chance to grind their own beans which are then used for their coffee.
  • Waterfall of Shirahige - one of rare waterfalls in Japan that groundwater flows out
  • Blue Pond - Owes its deep blue colour to the natural minerals dissolved in the water.
  • Oobako - It is said that Oobako and Kobako are the most beautiful valley in Sounkyo.
  • Daisetsuzan Kurodake Ropeway - Altitude 1,984m. You can enjoy the great outdoors, such as alpine plants, foliage, and alpine skiing. You can enjoy different nature fun with the changing of the seasons.
  • Ginga Waterfall - runs down the cliff wall in a thin, delicate white thread, while the Ryusei Waterfall flows down in a thick, powerful cascade.
  • Asahikawa Ramen Village gives you 8 of Asahikawa's most well-known ramen shops in one location.
  • The Snow Crystal Museum of Asahikawa is a small, understated “museum” purely dedicated to snowflakes. Charming places like this one. The museum is reminiscent of a European castle and belongs to the Hokkaido Folk Arts and Crafts Village, which also includes the International Dyeing and Weaving Art Museum and the Yukara Ori Craft Museum.
  • Hoheikyo Dam (Higuma Cable Car FOC) - This arch concrete dam, which is 102.5 metres tall, was completed in 1972 to utilize the Toyohira River, located in the Minami-ku area of Sapporo, for hydroelectricity and to control its flooding. The resulting reservoir was named Jozan Lake and it holds approximately 30 times the volume of Sapporo Dome in water.
  • Fruit picking (Seasonal only) - is available from mid Jun - early Nov only.
  • Mt Showa the youngest active volcano in Japan formed in 1943, is a more than 300 metres high volcano
  • Mt.Uzu (Cable car ride) - Take the cable car to the top of Mt.Uzu and get a closer view of this volcano crater. (If closed due to weather conditions it will be replaced by Bear Ranch)
  • Lake Toya - the picturesque lake was chosen as the location of the G8 summit which Japan hosted in July 2008.
  • Mt Yotei - an active stratovolcano located in the Shikotsu-Toya National Park in Hokkaido. Yotei's peak is covered in clouds due to its proximity to the ocean and its alpine climate. When the clouds part, the sheer beauty of the mountain can really be appreciated and the views from Kutchan, Niseko and Hirafu are nothing short of spectacular.
  • Otaru Canal is a popular tourist destination for Japanese and foreign visitors who flock to the canal year-round to enjoy its nostalgic atmosphere, Music Box Museum & Kitaichi Glass Shop.
  • Shiroi Koibito Park (Photo Stop) - A wide selection of roses from classic to modern types fills this 480-square-metre compound. Thegarden enchants visitors with its seasonal roses and other flowers from mid-May to the end of Oct.
  • Hokkaido Shrine - The traditional worship place for the Japanese “Shinto” and the oldest shrine in Hokkaido.

*FREE HELICOPTER EXPERIENCE: Enjoy a unique experience of having a bird's-eye view of the mesmerising landscape below.

  • Hokkaido University (Ginkgo Avenue) Located 50 metres north of Ono Pond is a fantastic avenue of Ginkgo trees facing east, which leads towards Kita-jusanjo Gate. Running 380 metreslong and lined with 70 trees on each side, the road turns golden in the fall with the beautiful foliage.
  • Former Hokkaido Government Building (Photo stop). The former Hokkaido Government Office is Hokkaido’s best-known symbol and the red star on its exterior wall is the symbol of the Hokkaido Development Commission.
  • Sapporo Beer Museum - the birthplace of beer in Japan. Sapporo Beer, one of the oldest and most popular beer brands in the country, has been brewed in Sapporo since 1877.
  • Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade - is a shopping arcade that has been in operation since the frontier period. It’s a great place to buy Hokkaido souvenirs!
  • JR Shopping Center - four shopping zones at the entrance to Sapporo. Visitors can purchase souvenirs, sweets and electronic goods 

Today Special Highlight: *GALA Seafood lunch buffet presented by EU Asia.
130 premium menus, 3 types of Hokkaido crab, Top lever Wagyu, Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Shell fish. A 70 minute, all-you-can-eat buffet

Bid farewell to this beautiful country. We hope you have had an enjoyable vacation with EU Asia Holidays.

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