7D5N The Best Of Hokkaido All Season | Tour Package 2017



  • Natural Onsen
  • Fort Goyokaku (Include Tower)
  • Mt. Hakodate night view (Cable car)
  • Mt.Uzu (Cable car)
  • Ice Pavilion
  • Asahiyama Zoo (Winter only)
  • Snow Museum (Winter only)
  • Sapporo Beer Factory


  • Shiraoi Ainu Village
  • Jigokudani (Hell Valley)
  • Ōnuma Quasi-National Park
  • Hakodate-Meijikan
  • Otaru Canal
  • Furano Tomita Farm
  • Furano Cheese Workshop
  • Biei Shikisai No Oka
  • Ishiya Chocolate Museum
  • Hokkaido Shrine
  • Odori Park


  • Morning Market
  • Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade
  • JR Tower Shopping Centre
  • Ramen Republic Sapporo
Meal Plans:

5 Breakfasts 5 Lunches 4 Dinners

Special meals:
  • Hokkaido Crab
  • Sushi
  • Sashimi
  • Tempura Platter
  • Shabu Shabu
  • Yakiniku or Seafood BBQ
  • Nanda Seafood buffet + 3 type of Hokkaido crab
  • Lake Toya: Toya Sun Palace
  • Hakodate: Hakodate Royal Hotel
  • Sapporo: Tokyo Dome Hotel
  • Asahikawa: Grand Hotel
  • Sapporo: Tokyo Dome Hotel

*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list.

  • Actual sequence of itinerary is subject to change without period notice. In the event of discrepancy between English and Chinese itineraries, refer to former
  • Any visit or accommodation affected during major events or festivals will be replaced with an alternative.
  • The entire journey of domestic flight may not be the same as international flight during embargo periods and peak season periods (inclusive both inbound and outbound travel market). Passengers must be completed domestic flight on low cost airlines instead


  • 行程如有更动,以当地地接社最后安排为准,不预先告知。* 如果英文和中文行程有不符合之处,请以英文行程为主。
  • 如遇假日或展会,景点以及酒店住宿可能无法按照行程作安排。
  • 在旅游高峰期间(国内旅游及国外旅游)国际航班与国内航班可能有所不同,将以廉价航空作为代替。
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Our Vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to the Land of the Rising Sun-Japan



Lunch / Dinner

  • Shiraoi Ainu Village: The Shiraoi Ainu Museum is one of the country's best museums about the Ainu, the indigenous people of northern Japan.
  • Jigokudani (Hell Valley) noted for its hot steam vents, sulfurous streams, and other volcanic activities.



  • 白老爱奴文化村:北海道原住民文化村
  • 登别地狱谷:我们将停留在地狱谷,这里以热蒸汽喷口,硫磺流以及火山活动闻名

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

  • Ōnuma Quasi-National Park: is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking park.
  • Fort Goyokaku (Include Tower): Japan’s first western style stronghold. The star-shaped fort was built in 1864 for the defense of Hokkaido against invasion.
  • Hakodate-Meijikan: This stately red-brick building was built as Hakodate Post Office in 1911. It is now used as a shopping mall.
  • Mt. Hakodate night view (Cable car): top of the mountain to enjoy a panoramic night view that is ranked among top 3 of the world (subject to weather conditions)



  • 大沼国定公园:大沼国定公园享有新日本三大景观之誉,是北海道屈指可数的旅游胜地
  • 五棱郭城堡(展望台):是日本唯一的古老西式星形城堡,此地也是春季欣赏樱花及秋季欣赏红叶最佳之地。
  • 明治馆:函馆明治馆位于金森红砖仓库附近,也是一座爬满常春藤的红砖建筑,原为函馆中央邮局,现在是一处购物中心,有玻璃制品与八音盒等北海道知名工艺品销售,还有一些北海道产葡萄酒、非常可爱的小熊玩具等礼品可供购买。
  • 函馆山夜景(缆车):被称为世界三大夜景之一,函馆夜景之美在于城市的两边呈现出了两条弧形的海岸线


Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

  • Morning Market: tempting visitors with an array of delectable fresh Hakodate produce.
  • Mt Showa: The youngest active volcano in Japan formed in 1943, is a more than 300 meters high volcano
  • Fruit picking (Seasonal only): is available from mid Jun - early Nov only.
  • Mt.Uzu (Cable car): Take the cable car to the top of Mt.Uzu and get a closer view of this volcano crater. (If closed due to weather conditions it will be replaced by Bear Ranch)
  • Lake Toya: The picturesque lake was chosen as the location of the G8 summit which Japan hosted in July 2008.
  • Otaru: Along the sidewalk and pathway of the Otaru Canal, there are many shops selling musical box, crystal and glassware that mirror the romantic atmosphere of this enchanting town.



  • 函馆朝市:北海道最热闹的集贸市场之一,朝市有大大小小200多家的店铺和400多家水产店,形成了一个很有当地特色的大型水产市场。
  • 昭和新山:日本最年轻的火山昭和新山,属于支笏洞爷国立公园。在1943年12月到1945年9月期间发生喷发,形成了这座300多米高的火山。
  • *北海道水果采摘:我们将进行北海道水果采摘(季节性)。只限于六月中至十一月头。
  • 有珠火山口(缆车):搭乘缆车上有珠山欣赏昭和新山及明治新山与远眺洞夜湖,这里是不能错过的风景,感受大自然的鬼斧神工。(如因天气不允许而关闭,将由熊牧场取代)
  • 洞爷湖:接下来我们会和美丽的洞夜湖合影,留下美好回忆。
  • 小樽运河也是小樽著名的观光胜地,运河旁有许多石砌仓库群。
  • 小樽步行街也有著名的北一硝子的玻璃饰品专卖,水晶音乐城,北果楼,咖啡馆,寿司,巧克力等。

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

  • Furano Tomita Farm: Furano is the most famous area for planting lavender. You can still see the lavender in the green house although it’s
  • Not the lavender season (July). The dried flower specialty shop in Furano is unique and exquisite.
  • Furano Cheese Workshop: You can see various kind of cheese products like cheese ice-cream, cheese biscuits as well as how these Products are being produced.
  • Biei: Famous for its views of wide fields and hills it is always used as a backdrop for many Japanese commercials and TV programs, the bright colours of its fields attract thousands of visitors per year,
  • Biei Shikisai No Oka the panoramic flower gardens of Shikisai-no-oka provide spectacular views across fifteen hectares of land on Oka-no-machi Biei. It is a paradise of seasonal blossoms from spring through to fall, in which several dozen different species of flowers and grasses flourish.
  • Ice Pavilion: The temperature inside is kept at -20°C throughout the year, taking you into the world of ice. You do have the chance to see and understand more about snow throughout the year even in summertime



  • 富良野农场:除了薰衣草季节(7月)之外,您还是有机会观赏到种植在温室里的薰衣草。在薰衣草制品店内可以买到薰衣草制品之外,还可品尝特制的薰衣草雪糕(自费)。
  • 富良野奶酪工房:可看到各式各样芝士制成品如芝士雪糕、面包等等,还可亲眼目睹它们的制作过程
  • 四季彩之丘:展望花圃四季彩之丘位于视觉辽阔,风景绝佳的“丘之町美瑛”,面积达15公顷,在春天到秋天的花季里,数十种草花兢相开放,简直就是一种花的乐园。
  • 冰感体验馆 (提供外套):馆里的温度常年保持在-20°C,让你在一年四季也可观赏到冰雪世界.


During Winter Dec - Feb

Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

  • Snowmobiling (Option): in Hokkaido is a must experience if you need a day off the mountain. A great adventure for those looking for a thrill or just to relax in Hokkaido. (Subject to weather condition)
  • Asahiyama Zoo is a municipal zoo opened in July 1967 in Asahikawa, is the northernmost zoo in the Japan.
  • Snow Museum: a unique museum that takes you into the world of ice in a “under-ground palace” concept.




  • 雪上摩托车(自费):让您一尝滑雪的乐趣,或乘坐雪上摩托车奔驰于冰天雪地的森林里,既浪漫又刺激(视天气状况而决定)
  • 旭山动物园是日本最受瞩目的人其动物园之一,也是日本最北端的动物园。里面展示的有北极熊馆,海豹馆,猴子山,黑猩猩之森,河马馆多个主题展馆供你观赏大自然的奥妙。
  • 雪之美术馆:耸立于旭川市内,是座梦幻的城堡,内部介绍着各式各样雪花的形状,还有一条常年保持在-14°C至-20°C的冰瀑走廊,而中央表演厅的天花则是画家笔下的北海道天空油画,有如置身于欧陆的地下宫殿。

Breakfast / Lunch

  • Sapporo Beer Factory: See how the beer is being produced and also taste their fresh local beer on the spot.
  • Ishiya Chocolate Museum: known as “White Lover Chocolate” Factory. You can see how the white chocolate products are being produced in this European style building.
  • Hokkaido Shrine: The traditional worship place for the Japanese “Shindo” and also the oldest shrine in Hokkaido.
  • Odori Park: The main street of Sapporo, which is also the venue of the annual “Snow Festival”. An underground shopping street is also built beneath this Odori Park.
  • Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade: Tanukikoji is an approximately 1km-long arcade with around 200 shops that runs east to west in downtown Sapporo. The roofed arcade starts at Nishi-1-chome and ends at Nishi-7-chome
  • JR Tower Shopping Centre: a four of special fashion style: ESTA, APIA, PASEO, and Sapporo STELLAR PLACE.
  • Ramen Republic Sapporo: Sapporo, Hakodate, Asahikawa & Kushiro are the 4 districts famous for Ramen. In “Ramen Republic” there are 8 shops representing the best of the above 4 districts in Hokkaido. You can try the different types of Ramen (own expense) and give a vote.



  • 札幌啤酒工场:参观其制酒过程及了解它在日本的历史,还可试饮刚刚制成的新鲜啤酒。
  • 白之恋人巧克力博物馆:这是一间以欧洲风格为主题的建筑物
  • 北海道神宫: 神宫院内绿荫浓郁,进入园内就是一大片樱花林,树下都是赏樱春游的游人,樱花与梅花,还有白玉兰竞相开放
  • 大通公园:札幌市中心重要的休闲公园,在这里散步可以感受四季自然,节庆风情。
  • 狸小路商店街: 是日本北海道札幌市中央區的一條著名商店街。狸小路一帶是相當繁榮的商店集中地,通常簡稱「狸小路」
  • JR Tower 購物中心 : 集合了四家風格殊異,主題鮮明的流行百貨:ESTA、APIA、PASEO、以及札幌STELLAR PLACE
  • 拉面共和国札幌:这里有北海道出名拉面馆,您可以自费品尝你喜欢的拉面。

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