8D6N Love in Kyushu | Tour Package 2017



  • Natural Onsen
  • Yanagawa River boat ride
  • Mount Inasa (Included cable car)
  • Dolphin Watching
  • Hot Sand Bath
  • Seasonal fruit picking
  • Beppu African Safari Park


  • Daizaifu Tenmangu Shrine
  • Nagasaki Peace Park
  • Nagasaki atomic bomb museum
  • Suizenji Garden
  • Kumamoto Castle
  • Japanese Shochu Factory
  • Shiroyama Observatory Deck
  • Kakuida Black Vinegar
  • Kirishima Shrine
  • Takachiho Gorge
  • Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge
  • Beppu Hell Valley
  • Sea Hell Valley


  • Kagoshima Tenmongkan
  • Yufuin Town and Kinrinko Lake
  • Tosu Premium Outlet
  • Canal city Hakata
  • Tenjin
Meal Plans:

6 Breakfasts 6 Lunches 5 Dinners

Special meals:
  • Tempura
  • Nagasdaki Chanpon Noodle
  • Yanagawa Unagi
  • Yakiniku
  • Sushi
  • Kagoshima Black Pork
  • Nagasaki: Best Western Premium
  • Kumamoto: ANA Crowne Plaza Ibusuki: Ibusuki Seaside Onsen
  • Mt Aso: Aso Plaza Onsen Hotel
  • Beppu: Beppu Wan Royal Onsen
  • Fukuoka: ANA Crowne Plaza

*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list.

  • Actual sequence of itinerary is subject to change without period notice. In the event of discrepancy between English and Chinese itineraries, refer to former
  • Any visit or accommodation affected during major events or festivals will be replaced with an alternative.
  • The entire journey of domestic flight may not be the same as international flight during embargo periods and peak season periods (inclusive both inbound and outbound travel market). Passengers must be completed domestic flight on low cost airlines instead


  • 行程如有更动,以当地地接社最后安排为准,不预先告知。* 如果英文和中文行程有不符合之处,请以英文行程为主。
  • 如遇假日或展会,景点以及酒店住宿可能无法按照行程作安排。
  • 在旅游高峰期间(国内旅游及国外旅游)国际航班与国内航班可能有所不同,将以廉价航空作为代替。
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Our Vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to the Land of the Rising Sun-Japan


Lunch /Dinner

  • Daizaifu Tenmangu Shrine: it does have arable land used for paddy fields and market gardening.
  • Yanagawa River boat ride: Which is surrounded by canals; while the boatman sings local folk songs, you will see traditional buildings, including square tiled walls, red brick storehouses, and a villa of a feudal lord.

  • Nagasaki Peace Park: Formerly it was a prison but now is a memory park for those who died by the atomic bomb in Nagasaki city.

  • Nagasaki atomic bomb museum: The museum recorded all the painful history of the past.
  • Mount Inasa (Included cable car): Cable Car ride to Mount Inasa (Inasayama) these submit offers great views over the city.



  • 太宰府:这是治理九州地方的部门,此机构担当九州的防务及外交等一切政务
  • 柳川(含游览船):被称为世界著名水乡的柳川是城中环绕的人工河,将乘游览船漫游水乡欣赏这儿的古代建筑与柳树。之后品尝柳川最有名的柳川蒸鳗鱼饭。
  • 和平公园:园内有和平祈念雕像、和平纪念馆等各项设施。青色的和平祈念雕像右手指着天空,左手向一旁平伸,表示没有原爆的威胁世界才得以享受和平。
  • 长崎原爆馆:展示了美国用原子弹轰炸长崎的相关史料。
  • 稻佐山(包揽车):在山顶处可以眺望长崎全市的景色,也是著名的观赏风景的胜地。

Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

  • Dolphin Watching: Take the cruise to the outer sea to watch the dolphin from the wild.
  • Ferry transportation from Shimabara to Kumamoto: Cross the Ariake Sea by car ferry to Kumamoto pier. On the way, you will find a lot of seagull flying along chasing the ferry for food. (*Seagull appearance subject to weather conditions)
  • Suizenji Garden - Originally a temple, this beautiful strolling garden and tea arbor in Kumamoto was built over a period of 80 years from 1632 by three successive Hosokawa feudal lords. The cone shape of Mount Fuji is easily recognizable in the miniature at Suizenji Garden.
  • Kumamoto Castle (Only Outlook due to construction): One of the most famous castle in Japan owned by Shogun Kato, which was the biggest castle in Kyushu.


  • 海豚观赏:乘船出海观看野生海豚,看成群结队的海豚游戈於大海上,蔚为奇观。
  • 岛原城堡(外观拍照):岛原城是位于长崎县岛原市的一座日式城堡,它位于云仙岳之麓。
  • 搭乘渡轮到熊本:乘汽车渡轮横渡有明海往熊本港,沿途海鸥追逐於船旁,游客可喂其食物(海鸥出没视气候而定)
  • 水前寺成趣园:以模仿日本东海道五十三景样式的缩小版兴建而出名,有日本桃山式典型庭园的造景,其中以仿照日本最高峰富士山的山景最引人注目。
  • 熊本城(维修中只能外观): 位于日本熊本县熊本市,是日本著名景点之一,与大阪城、名古屋城合称为日本的三大名城。


Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

  • Japanese Shochu Factory: Visit the history and manufacture of Japanese shochu
  • Kagoshima Tenmongkan - local in the most prosperous shopping street in the southern city Kagoshima.
  • Shiroyama Observatory Deck: A hill top area where you can have a good angle to view the active volcano “Sakurajima”.
  • Kakuida Black Vinegar: Visit Black Vinegar factory.
  • Hot Sand Bath: One of the unique things you can consider to do is take a bath in hot sand.

*Remark: Hot Sand Bath in Beppu is arranging only if not staying in Ibusuki Hotel.



  • 日本烧酒厂:参观日本烧酒的历史和制造
  • 鹿儿岛天文馆:天文馆位于鹿儿岛市中心,是南九州最大的繁华街区。
  • 城山展望台:从山上的展望台可以鸟瞰对岸著名樱岛活火山,你还可以购买少许纪念品。
  • 黑醋博物馆:参观日本黑醋的制作过程
  • 热砂浴:回到酒店你可亲身尝试卧在湿和热的热 砂上,让你全身盖上热砂

*注:如果不能入住指宿温泉 (热砂浴) 酒店,将安排别府温泉区的热砂浴场,客满即止。

Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

  • Seasonal fruit picking (mid-May to late October) (subject to weather conditions, if bonus tour is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, it will not be replaced or refunded)
  • Kirishima Shrine: have "Tengu masks" and "Nine Taiko" is very precious
  • Takachiho Gorge: a V-shaped gorge, created by the Gokase River, which eroded the Aso lava, Walking trail to enjoy the beautiful view.



  • 季节水果采摘(5月中旬至10月下旬)(视天气情况而决定,若有突发状况,此红利将不由其它行程取代或退款)
  • 雾岛神宫:创建於六世纪时,一七一五年时经由岛津吉贵重建,社宝有「天狗面具」及「九面太鼓」甚为珍贵
  • 高千穗峡:熔岩浆凝固后经过五箇濑川长时间侵蚀切割下成V字的峡谷,在步道上漫步欣赏美丽神秘的景观

Breakfast / Lunch /Dinner

  • Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge: The longest suspension bridge in Japan, from the suspension bridge; you can view of Shindo-no-Taki, one of 100 top waterfalls in Japan.
  • Yufuin Town and Kinrinko Lake: Natural landmark of Yufuin.
  • Beppu Hell Valley: you can see hot spring smoke comes out from everywhere from the ground.
  • Sea Hell Valley: is one of the natural hot spring pond blue in color like sea water. We will enjoy foot hot spring here.



  • 九重‘梦’大吊桥:此桥是对步行者专用吊桥而言是日本第一高的吊桥。就在眼前,可以望见被「日本百选名瀑」选中的「震动之瀑・雄瀑」和「雌瀑」
  • 汤布院及金鳞湖:集合了健康温泉、大自然、芸术、古朴、风雅,悠闲於一身的山林区域,可令人忘掉一切烦恼与忙碌,全情投入享受悠游自在的现在,不知时间的消逝。
  • 别府血地狱:别府地狱温泉位于日本大分县中部的别府县,其中以别府八大地狱温泉最为著名。
  • 海地狱足浴:蔚蓝如海水般的沸腾温泉,四处弥漫著浓密的烟雾,体验天然温泉足浴。

Breakfast / Lunch

  • Beppu African Safari Park: Let’s hop into the special vehicle and go inside the safari, where you can feed the wild animal (lion, tiger etc..) with your hand.
  • Tosu Premium Outlet: The biggest outlet in Kyushu where you can find lots of branded items selling at unbelievable price.
  • Canal city Hakata: Free leisure at Hakata, Kyushu main city.
  • Tenjin: explore the open-air food stands(Yatai), the city’s best known symboi. There are over 150 yatais across the city, with the highest concentration in the centrally located Nakagawa and Tenjin districts (subject to prevailing weather conditions)



  • 别府野生动物园:模仿非洲的野生动物园,乘坐动物模样的专车,进入禁区内与凶猛野兽作近距离接触,(狮子、老虎、豹etc…),还可亲手以肉类喂饲它们,紧张刺激,不能错过。
  • 鸟栖Outlet:全九州最大的名牌直销Outlet。
  • 博多市:自由活动购物,九州主要的城市。
  • 天神区:天神区夜市九州最活跃的夜生活区,有许许多多露天‘屋台’(所谓的历甜美食摊),只有在福冈,今晚令您难忘,你可以品尝到日本街边美食小吃。‘屋台’是福冈市最著名的象征(视天气情况)

Bid farewell to this beautiful country and we hope you have had an enjoyable holiday with EU Asia Holidays.



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