• Yanagawa River Boat Ride
  • Yutoku Inari Shrine
  • Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
  • Mount Inasa (Cable Car Included)
  • Nagasaki Peace Park
  • Ferry Transportation from Shimbara to Kumamoto


  • Suizenji Garden
  • Josaien
  • Sakurajima Island
  • Lava Nagisa Beach Park and Public Foot-Spa
  • Kakuida Black Vinegar


  • Seasonal Fruit Picking
  • Takachiho Gorge
  • Aso Daikanbo
  • Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge


  • Beppu African Safari Park
  • Yufuin Town and Kinrinko Lake
  • Sea Hell Valley
  • Yufuin No Mori Train Experience to Hakata
  • Hot Sand Bath


  • Daizaifu Tenmangu Shrine
  • Canal City Hakata


Meal Plans:

6 Breakfasts 6 Lunches 5 Dinners

Local Delight
Yanagawa Unagi
Beppu hell steamed
Train Bento Set

Nagasaki: Nagasaki Nisshokan
Kumamoto: ANA Crown Plaza
Kagoshima: Sun Royal Hotel
Mt Aso: Aso Plaza Onsen
Beppu: Beppu Wan Royal
Fukuoka: New Otani Hotel

*Note: Hotels subject to final confirmation. Should there be changes, customers will be offered similar accommodations as stated in this list. 


Tour Tipping (Includes Tour Guide & Driver):
JPLK08: JPY8000
JPLK09: JPY9000

1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes or weather condition.

2. Tour itinerary, hotel details and inclusions are based on Chinese itinerary

3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.

4. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 Adult Paying passengers.

5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.

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Our vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to the Land of the Rising Sun-Japan.

  • Yanagawa River Boat Ride - - Take a scenic cruise on a gondola boat accompanied by a boatman singing local folk songs as you see traditional buildings with square tiled walls, red brick storehouses and a feudal lord's villa. (Enjoy a special meal - Steam Rice with Grilled Unagi).
  • Yutoku Inari Shrine - It is considered one of Japan's top three shrines dedicated to Inari alongside Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto and Toyokawa Inari Shrine in Aichi Prefecture. One of Shinto's most popular deities, Inari is associated with rice, prosperity and foxes.
  • Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum - The museum recorded all the painful history of the past.
  • Mount Inasa (Cable Car included) - Enjoy a cable car ride to Mount Inasa (Inasayama) for a great view over the city from the summit.
  • Nagasaki Peace Park - Formerly ia prison, it is now a memory park for those who died in the Nagasaki atomic bombing
  • Ferry Transportation from Shimabara to Kumamoto - Cross the Ariake Sea by car ferry to Kumamoto pier. On the way, you will find a lot of seagull flying along chasing the ferry for food. (*Seagull appearance subject to weather conditions).
  • Suizenji Garden - Originally a temple, this beautiful strolling garden and tea arbor in Kumamoto was built over a period of 80 years from 1632 by three successive Hosokawa feudal lords. The cone shape of Mount Fuji is easily recognisable in the miniature at Suizenji Garden.
  • Josaien - is in Sakuranobaba, at the foot of Kumamoto Castle.
  • Sakurajima Island (includes ferry ride) - is one of Japan's most active volcanoes and the symbol of Kagoshima. The volcano smokes constantly, and minor eruptions often take place multiple times per day.
  • Lava Nagisa Beach Park and Public Foot-Spa - The seaside park has a 100m long natural hot spring foot spa. You can try to get warm while overlooking Kinko Bay and Kagoshima urban area with your back against Sakurajima.
  • Kakuida Black Vinegar - Visit Black Vinegar factory.
  • Seasonal Fruit Picking - (mid-May to late October) (subject to weather conditions, if bonus tour is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, it will not be replaced or refunded).
  • Takachiho Gorge - A V-shaped gorge, created by the Gokase River, which eroded the Aso lava and a walking trail where you can enjoy the beautiful view of nature.
  • Aso Daikanbo is one of the peaks of Aso northern somma, which is located north east of Uchimaki Onsen (hot spring).
  • Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge - The longest suspension bridge in Japan, from the suspension bridge; you can view of Shindo-no-Taki, one of 100 top waterfalls in Japan.
  • Beppu African Safari Park - Hop into the special vehicle and head into the safari park, where you can feed the wild animal (lion, tiger etc..)
  • Yufuin Town and Kinrinko Lake - Natural landmark of Yufuin.
  • Hot Sand Bath - One of the unique things you can consider trying out is taking a hot sand bath.
  • Sea Hell Valley - a natural hot spring pond with waters of a vibrant blue colour.
  • Yufuin No Mori Train experience to Hakata - Yufuin is a hot spring resort surrounded by rich variety of nature. Experience its popular sophisticated culture and heartwarming treats. The JR train "yufuin no Mori" reflects the many charms of Yufuin. Once you step in the train, the warm yet modern wooden interior will make you feel like you are at a resort.
  • Daizaifu Tenmangu Shrine - It does have arable land used for paddy fields and market gardening.
  • Canal City Hakata - Enjoy some free time exploring Hakata at leisure.

Today, enjoy some time free at leisure to explore on your own till it is time to transfer to the  airport for your flight home. We hope you had an enjoyable vacation with EU Asia Holidays.

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