• Korean Train Express ride
• Oryukdo Skywalk
• Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
• Gijang Market
• DIY Fish cake
• Trick Eye Museum AR
• Busan Museum of Movies
• Gamcheon Culture Village
• BIFF Square
• Hamyang Sanglim Park
• Jeonju Hanok Village
• Traditional Hanbok Wear
• Jeonju Food Street
• Jjimjilbang
• Changdeokgung Palace
• Namsan Park & Locks of Love
• Myeongdong
• Seaweed Museum + DIY Gimbap
• Traditional Hanbok wear
• T Money Card (10,000KRW)

Meal Plans:


• Ginseng Chicken Soup with Abalone
• Pork Soup Rice
• Squid & Pork Belly
• BBQ Pork


• 2N Busan The Mark Hotel
• 1N Jeonju Hanok Stay
• 2N Seoul Somerset Palace Hotel


1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries,
travel arrangements and accommodation due to
unforeseen changes or weather condition.
2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on
English itinerary
3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.
4. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more
than 25 Adult Paying passengers.
5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the
discretion of the Company.
6. Any detour subject to USD250 charge per pax.
7. Any deviation subject to minimum SGD250 and any fare
difference per pax.

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Our vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to Incheon.

• Korean Train Express to Busan – Experience Korea High speed train ride.

• Oryukdo Skywalk – Scenic view of both East and South Sea, you can also imagine ‘walking in the sky’ on this glass walkway with the sea below and stretches out ahead.

• Gijang market – Seafood market.

• Haedong Yonggungsa Temple – Built beside the East Sea, you will encounter breath taking view of from the temple.

• DIY Fish Cake – Hands on experience in the making of Busan’s street snack.

• Busan Museum of Movies - Learn the history and procedure of film makings. If time permit, you may also have fun making your own film.

• Trick Eye Museum AR - Experience augmented reality with free app to take 4D & special effect video.

• Gamcheon Culture Village – Santorini of the East with blocks of colorful paints and artist wall murals. Checklist for Busan!

• BIFF Square – Busan's modern movie district was once the official venue of BIFF before it was transferred but nonetheless it has become a bustling street full of movie theaters, shops, restaurants and food stalls. A must try is seed stuffed hotteok that is popular with the locals.

• Hamyang Sangnim Park

• Jeonju Hanok Village – (UNESCO) Tour around this cultural village where some of the Hanok have been converted to restaurants, galleries and shops.

• Traditional Hanbok Wear

• Jeonju Food Street – Enjoy local street food while you tour the village.

• Hanok stay - Seen in many K-dramas, you will have the chance to experience overnight stay in one of the traditional Hanok home.

• Changdeokgung Palace - (UNESCO) One of Seoul’s five grand palaces.

• Ginseng Gallery

• Cosmetic Shop

• Myeongdong - Shopping Haven!

• Seaweed Museum - Learn the processing of seaweed

• DIY Gimbap

• Jjimjilbang – Experience segregated bathhouse.

• Free Day (no coach, no guide)

(Given T Money card 10,000KRW)

• Namsan Park Locks of Love – Popular tourist attraction for its panoramic view of downtown Seoul. At Locks of Love, you may want to get a lock that symbolize your love.

• Ikganbo

• Local Grocery

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