• Korea Train Express
  • Jagalchi Market
  • Gamcheon Culture Village
  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
  • DIY Fish cake
  • Busan Museum of Movies
  • Trick Eye Museum AR
  • BIFF Square


  • Gyonchon Hanok Village
  • Woljeong Bridge
  • Bulguksa Temple
  • Daereungwon Tomb Complex
  • Starbucks Hanok


  • EWorld 83 Tower
  • Seomun Market
  • Apsan Observatory + Cable Car


  • Jeonju Hanok Village
  • Jaman Mural Village


  • Yuseong Foot Spa
  • Mount Jangtaesan Skywalk


  • Ooozooo Starlight Garden


  • Changdeokgung Palace
  • Myeongdong
  • Seaweed Museum
  • DIY Gimbap
  • Traditional Hanbok Wear


Meal Plans:

6 Breakfasts | 6 Lunches | 4 Dinners

  • Ginseng Chicken Soup with Abalone
  • Jagalchi Buffet
  • Pork & Rice Soup
  • Squid & Pork Belly
  • Hanjeongsik
  • 8 Colored Pork Belly BBQ
  • Shabu Shabu + Bibimbap

As Stated or Similar

  • 1N Busan The Mark Hotel
  • 1N Gyeongju Daemyung Resort
  • 1N Daegu Inter Burgo Hotel
  • 1N Jeonju Ramada Hotel
  • 2N Seoul Grand Ambassador Hotel

1. The Company reserves the right to alter tour itineraries, travel arrangements and accommodation due to unforeseen changes or weather condition.

2. Tour itinerary, Hotel details and inclusions are based on English itinerary

3. Tour is conducted in Mandarin unless otherwise stated.

4. All tours may have a tour leader if the group has more than 25 Adult Paying passengers.

5. Tour leader assignment is subjective and at the discretion of the Company.

6. Any detour subject to USD250 charge per pax.

7. Any deviation is subject to minimum SGD250 and any fare difference per pax.

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Our vacation begins with a pleasant flight from Singapore to Incheon.

(8D7N group will overnight in Incheon)

  • Korean Train Express ride to Busan - Experience Korea High speed train ride
  • Gamcheon Culture Village – Santorini of the East with blocks of colorful paints and artist wall murals.
  • Jagalchi Market – Must visit for raw seafoods!
  • Haedong Yonggungsa Temple -Located atop of a cliff, you will get to see breathtaking view of the East Sea from the temple.

(Group depart 28Mar – 04Apr will as follows)

  • Yeojwacheon Stream – Well known as one of Jinhae’s best spots for cherry blossom viewing. The stream spans about 1.5km and is lined with cherry trees on both sides which create a canopy over the stream. 
  • Gyeonghwa Station – Another famous spot for cherry blossom is this small railway station that has discontinued services since 2006. You can walk through the tracks surround by rows of cherry blossom trees, making a flower tunnel effect.
  • Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond

(Group depart 05Apr onwards will as follows) - DAY 3

  • DIY Fish Cake – Hands-on experience in making this Busan street snack.
  • Busan Museum of Movies - Learn the history and procedure of film-making. If time permits, you may also experience making your own film.
  • Trick Eye Museum AR - Experience augmented reality with free app to take 4D & special effect video.
  • Gyochon Hanok Village - Traditional village
  • Woljeong Bridge - A re-constructed covered bridge originally built during the Shilla Period
  • Bulguksa Temple – (UNESCO World Heritage) The representative relic of Gyeongju was designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO in 1995. It's a Buddhist temple complex comprised of a series of wooden buildings on raised stone terraces designed to represent the land of Buddha.
  • Daereungwon Tomb Complex - Amazing sight of the famous royal burial mounds.
  • Starbucks Hanok - Instagram shot with the Hanok style architecture.
  • EWorld 83 Tower - Access to observatory to enjoy a 360-degree view of Daegu city.
  • Seomun Market - Daegu's biggest market
  • Apsan Observatory + Cable Car -Take a scenic cable car ride up to the observatory where you will have a panoramic view of Daegu city down below and landscape of the mountains.
  • Jeonju Hanok Village
  • Food Street
  • Jaman Mural Village
  • Yuseong Foot Spa
  • Mount Jangtaesan Skywalk
  • Ooozooo Starlight Garden – Be mesmerized by this beautiful garden decorated with stunning star lights and illuminations. There are various themed gardens for you to take tons of memorable photos to bring home!
  • Changdeokgung Palace - (UNESCO) The second royal villa built during the Joseon Dynasty and is the most well preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon palaces.
  • Ginseng Gallery.
  • Cosmetic Shop.
  • Seaweed Museum.
  • DIY Gimbap.
  • Traditional Hanbok wear
  • Myeongdong
  • Ikganbo
  • Local Grocery

We hope you enjoyed your trip with EU Asia Holidays and we look forward to seeing you again.

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