1. To arrange smooth running of the tour, sequence of itinerary might need to be changed without prior notice by circumstances or weather condition.

2. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chiense itineraries, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

3. Tour is fully conducted in Mandarin. Unless special request. 

4. In the event that customer choose to opt out from the tour, surcharges will be applying. 

5. EU Asia Holidays reserves the right to make adjustments/changes due to unforeseen adverse weather or traffic accidents. The affected itinerary will not accept any compensation or refund.

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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to ‘’Formosa Island’’ Taiwan.

  • High Speed Train Experience
  • Artemis Garden - Cooling Greenhouse. You can enjoy essential oil and soap DIY
  • Zhongshe Flower Market Taichung - Big flower market a popular photography spot featuring landscaped garden beds with colourful blooms.
  • Chiayi Cultural Road Night Market - Chiayi's most famous night market. You can enjoy delicious snack at here.
  • Love Kimura Leisure Facility (chopsticks DIY) - A sightseeing factory with the theme of eucalyptus. In the park where the wood fragrance is scattered. various interactive games, DIY experiences, etc.
    are planned. and the effect of entertaining and entertaining is achieved in a fun way. which is very suitable for parent-child travel!
  • Hinoki Village - Consists of 28 wooden Japanese-styles dormitories. There are some shops of creative cultural works like wooden furniture. as well as some small museums like Kano Story House
    that has been popular since the movie 'Kano' was released.
  • Beimen Jingzaijiao Tile-Paved Salt Field (Salt Pushing Experience) - It is the first salt field in the North Gate and the oldest surviving tiled salt field site.
  • Dakeng Leisure Farm (Farm guided tour + Fruit picking + Cold springs + Night Fireworks) - Was once a working livestock farm but has now been converted into a leisure destination.
  • Sun Moon Lake - The largest lake in Taiwan and ranked amongst one of Taiwan's top tourist destinations. Sun Moon Lake got its name because its northern precinct resembles the sun while its southern part has the shape of a crescent moon.
  • Wen Wu Temple - This temple is built to enshrine and worship Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Fei.
  • Xiangshang Bikeway (cycling experience) - Selected by CNN as one of the ten most scenic bicycle trails in the world. You can enjoy the fun of riding a bicycle while enjoying the scenery along the way.
  • Checheng - As the times have changed the wood industry has gradually declined, and the wood factory has been transformed into a sightseeing spot combined with a lot of DIY hand-made activities. (You can participate in DIY activities at your own expense). Here you can enjoy the freshest local ingredients meal which cater in the wood made barrel, and u can take back after meal as memorabilia.
  • Tea Experience Center - Understand the origin of tea culture.
  • Miyahara (Free! One scoop of ice cream for each} - Miyahara is a red-brick architecture built by Miyahara Takeo, a Japanese ophthalmology doctor in 1927. Visitors to Miyahara are not only recommended to appreciate the details of the historic architecture but also try Dawn Cake's signature ice cream, bubble tea and pastries wrapped in nostalgic packingsl
  • Gaomei Wetland - It is a hot spot that has recently emerged. Gaomei Wetlands is the place where the sea and the land meet. It is a grassy and muddy tidal flat where you can catch the sea breeze and watch the beautiful sunsets. It also a place where you can spots thousands of crabs. mud-skippers and the rare birds
  • Feng Jia Night Market - Local famous night market. The snacks here are not only diversified but also creative. Different novelty snacks will appear occasionally. It is delicious and good to buy.


  • Chin-Yong DIY Recreational Farm - It is home to a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables. It is a smart integrated farm that is enterprise, technological, automated. refined and diversified. It is also the only farrrl with the most tomato varieties in Taiwan.
  • Tlan Lu Art Centre - Learn about the art of geomantic.
  • Pineapple Cake DIY - Enjoy the fun of making pineapple cake.
  • Xi Men Ding Shopping District - Located in west Taipei, Ximending is one of the most popular tourist spots among both local and international travellers. Ximending features a wide selection of fashionable clothing and accessories in many styles include Japanese. Chinese and Western.
  • Shin Kong Mltsukoshi (Taipei Xinyi Xintiandi) - The most prosperous and diverse shopping malls in Taipei.

Transfer to airport for your flight to home. We hope you have had an enjoyable holiday with EU Asia Holidays.

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