1. To arrange smooth running of the tour, sequence of itinerary might need to be changed without prior notice by circumstances or weather condition.

2. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chiense itineraries, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

3. Tour is fully conducted in Mandarin. Unless special request. 

4. In the event that customer choose to opt out from the tour, surcharges will be applying. 

5. EU Asia Holidays reserves the right to make adjustments/changes due to unforeseen adverse weather or traffic accidents. The affected itinerary will not accept any compensation or refund.

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Assembly at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to 'Formosa Island' Taiwan. Then transfer to Hsinchu.

  • Chenghuang Temple Night Market - It has been listed as a city's historic site. It has been more than two hundred years old. and it is also known as the Famous Three Temples of Hsinchu.
  • Zhudong Market - The largest Hakka traditional market in Taiwan, which is also the market for local Hakkas buy ingredients and food.
  • Beipu Old Street - A variety of Hakka traditional snacks and ancient taste can be found at here.
  • Lei Cha DIY - It is a traditional tea-based beverage for Hakka people. You can experience the DIY of making tea.
  • Shengxlng Railway Station - Due to located at a high altitude, it is called the highest altitude station in the western part of Taiwan.
  • Longteng Bridge - A masterpiece of Taiwan's railway history.
  • Tu-Nlu Hakka Cultural Museum - Understand the origin of Hakka culture
  • Sediq Tribe - Taste tribal feasts. Sediq tribes tour, experience traditional costumes and tattoo culture. archery and trap production experience, sing and dance with Sediq.
  • Wujie Suspension Bridge - Has a beautifully shaped and the bridge tower also has the decorative pattern of the Bunun.
  • Basswood Mushroom Farm - Which is the one of cultiwtion method and technique for the mushroom planting with basswood cultivation.
  • Experience the Dragon Bone Stone hunt - Dragon Bone Stone is Taiwan's local special mineral. The color is mainly bronze due to the rich copper minerals it contains. Please bring your own anti slip slippers and shorts while you may go down the stream 
  • Stalactite Cliff - The formation of stalactites is caused by the accumulation of calcium carbonate in water over the years, which usually penetrates the ground to become a stalactite cave.
  • Wujie Dam - The dam was built to serves primarily to divert water from the Zhuoshui River to a storage reservoir at Sun Moon Lake and its associated hydroelectric projects.
  • Calocedrus Wood Forest Trail - Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, seek sanctuary in the verdant beauty of the forest and relax. refresh and rejuvenate.
  • Tea Picking.
  • lta Thao Market - Here is the Ita Thao tribe village which can find a several of Sun Moon Lake snack bars and accompanying gift shops. souvenir shops, etc.
  • Ila Thao Traditional Dance Peformance - One of the special features of Thao culture is a kind of music called chu yin or 'pestle sounds', made by pounding large pestles into mortars.
  • Sun Moon Lake (boat ride included) - The largest lake In Taiwan and ranked amongst one of Taiwan's top tourist destinations. Sun Moon Lake got its name because its northern precinct resembles the sun while its southern part has the shape of a crescent moon. its southern part has the shape of a crescent moon.
  • Wen Wu Temple - This temple is built to enshrine and worship Confucius, Guan Gong and Yue Fei.
  • Aboriginal Shop
  • Feng Jia Night Market - Local famous night market. The snacks here are not only diversified but also creative. Different novelty snacks will appear occasionally. It is delicious and good to buy.
  • Nanchuang Old Street - A historical Hakka style area.
  • Shuibiantou Xishankeng - Was once a place where women would do laundry and chat.
  • Osmanthus Alley - Antique traditional architecture. full of quaint retro atmosphere
  • Nanchuang Post Office - The old postal office of Nanzhuang in Japanese style that was first established during the period of Japanese colonization, and renovated recently. Visit Pillow Factory
  • Taiwan Mochi DIY.
  • Tian Lu Art Centre.
  • Raohe Night Market - One of the Taipei top ten sightseeing night market with famous for Taiwanese cuisine.

Transfer to airport for your flight to sweet home. We hope you have an enjoyable and memorial holiday with EU Asia Holidays.

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