1. To arrange smooth running of the tour, sequence of itinerary might need to be changed without prior notice by circumstances or weather condition.

2. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese itineraries, the Chinese version shall prevail. 

3. Tour is fully conducted in Mandarin. Unless special request. 

4. In the event that customer choose to opt out from the tour, surcharges will be applying. 

5. EU Asia Holidays reserves the right to make adjustments/changes due to unforeseen adverse weather or traffic accidents. The affected itinerary will not accept any compensation or refund.

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  • Jimmy Park
  • Diudiudang Forest
  • Happiness Transfer Station
  • National Center for Traditional Arts -  Its the largest exhibition and performance site for traditional arts.
  • Dongdamen Night Market
  • Qingshui Cliff - One of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan.
  • Taroko National Park - The most famous places to explore is Taroko Archway and Chang Chun Shrine.
  • Ganoderma Tea Center
  • Sanxiantai - A geologic scenery formed by offshore islands and coral reefs.
  • Water Running Upwards - Is a geographical spectacle that causes visual illusion.
  • Jialulan Recreation Area Stay at the hot spring hotel. Please bring your own swimsuit and swimming cap.
  • Tethered Hot Air Balloon Experience
  • Chulu Ranch (Free! One cup of fresh milk per person) - It is the largest dairy farm in Taiwan.
  • National Museum of Prehistory - is the first state archaeological museum in Taiwan.
  • Tiehua Music Village - Experience rich indigenous cultures where arts and music come together.
  • Luye Gaotai
  • Mr.Brown Avenue (cycling experience)
  • Rice Country School - was transformed from a rice mill and a granary. You can see the old mills and learn how ancestors husk the rice.
  • Qixingtan Beach - One of the most beautiful beaches in Taiwan.
  • Hualien Cultural and Creative Industrial Park - A creative park which was converted from an old winery.
  • Suhua Highway
  • Tian Lu Art Centre
    Dihua Old Street - It is the oldest street and wholesale market in Taipei
  • Pearl Gallery Center
  • Shilin Night Market

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