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Assembly at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to “Formosa Island" Taiwan.

  • Triangle Fortress
  • Shuangli Wetland Area
  • Guningtou Battle Museum
  • Commanding Center
  • Zhaishan Tunnel
  • Yongshi Fort, Tie Han Fortress, Landmine Museum
  • Hujingtou Battle Museum
  • Shishan (Mt.Lion) Howitzer Front
  • Folk Culture Village
  • Military Headquarters
  • Mofan Street
  • Chastity Arch for Qiu Liang-gong’s Mother
  • Chen Jing-lan Western House
  • Tai Wu Shan Scenic Spot
  • Haiin Temple
  • Kinmen National Park
  • Chenghuang Temple Night Market
  • Zhudong Market - The largest Hakka traditional market in Taiwan, which is also the market for local Hakkas buy ingredients and food.
  • Beipu Old Street - A variety of Hakka traditional snacks and ancient taste can be found at here.
  • Lei Cha DIY - It is a traditional tea-based beverage for Hakka people. You can experience the DIY of making tea.
  • Green World Ecological Farm - Green World is a large-scale ecological farm combining the natural ecology of animals and plants with leisure, education and recreation.
  • Feng Jia Night Market
  • Aboriginal Shop
  • Sun Moon Lake (includes boat rides)
  • Longteng Bridge - A masterpiece of Taiwan’s railway history.
  • Shengxing Railway Station - Due to located at a high altitude, it is called the highest altitude station in the western part of Taiwan.
  • Ximending
  • Taiwan Mochi DIY
  • Tian Lu Art Centre
  • Jiu Fen Old Street
  • Shifen Old Street (one sky lantern for every 4people)
  • Raohe Night Market

Transfer to airport for your flight to sweet home. We hope you have an enjoyable and memorial holiday with EU Asia Holidays.

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