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Korea Tour Packages from Singapore

Born from an aeon of turbulent history, Korea has gone on to become a world-class travel destination. The glimmering Southern capital of Seoul has become a global powerhouse, exemplifying modern urban lifestyles at their finest.

With picturesque vistas across diverse terrain, Korea boasts postcard-worthy scenery as well as a unique way of life, making it a land with both good looks and substance to back it up. With destinations both old and new, the modern and traditional coalesce to make this nation of contradictions and contrast come alive.


From Temples to Townhouses

Korean cuisine features renowned flavour profiles loaded with spice. Wind through the bustling marketplaces and discover gastronomical curiosities unique to the region, with both traditional and modern fusions rich in abundance.

Traverse the sacred grounds of immaculately preserved temples and religious sites across the country. Revel in the otherworldly glory from eras past, maintained for the enlightenment of visitors and devotees alike.

Glittering cities line Korea’s landscape, home to extravagant nightlife and cosmopolitan delights. Urban centres such as Seoul and Busan have evolved into phenomenal party centres the world over. Let yourself get lost in their winding alleys, or ascend their skyscrapers and iconic towers to see Korea’s archetypal skylines unfold before your eyes.


Visit Korea and Enjoy our Exclusive Tour Packages

Here at EU Asia, we specialise in providing curated tours that have something for everyone. You might seek to travel in luxury or prefer a no-frills, authentic experience – we are sure to have an option to suit your taste. Our Korea package tours cover all the must-see sights and must-do activities for anyone visiting the region, whether it’s for the first time or the tenth!

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