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Extraordinary Taiwan Tour Packages

With a land as beautiful as Taiwan, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that its natural phenomena have rendered it an unconquerable muse to many. Dubbed Ilha Formosa by the Portuguese - meaning the beautiful isle, as it was known for centuries - Taiwan has remained a choice destination, holding discoveries, intrigue and cultural delights renowned the world over.  

Taiwan serves as the heartland of the Chinese traditions of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, as well as the collection of deities revered in folk religions within the area. Home to a phenomenal 16,000 temples, the breadth and depth of experiences found here simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. These temples go well beyond their original purpose as places of worship: they also act as festival halls and thriving community hubs for all.


Diverse Terrain Brimming with Cultural Enrichment 

From its heritage-rich capitals to the spectacular mountain ranges, the cliff-faced coasts and mystical forests cloaked in mist, Taiwan has something for everyone.

Its landscape boasts an incredibly diverse terrain. Two thirds of Taiwan’s dreamy landscape is comprised of mountainous territory, giving the region untold scope for adventures. From mountain climbing, to cycling across the unspoilt ranges of the East Coast, to uncovering hidden waterfalls and valleys with lush vegetation, turning your gaze upward to marvel at gorges with walls of marble - the Taiwan experience is unforgettable.


Tour Packages With Something For Everyone 

Here at EU Asia, we are proud to provide a carefully curated selection of Taiwan tour packages that encapsulate the essence of the region. Opt to immerse yourself in the authentic Taiwan experience with a home-stay tour package, or pamper yourself a deluxe package for a luxurious experience.

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