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  • EU Asia travel group

    Korea Tour  Daniel Yang

    Just came back from Korea with Lai Jar Wei being really helpful throughout the trip it was pretty fun and I didn't have to worry about anything at all cause everything was settled like I honestly felt paiseh cause he was so thoughtful and super helpful! Props to him for being able to cater to so many people and running around tirelessly making sure everyone is comfortable and having fun!

    8D/7N Special Busan + Jeju  Irene Lim

    Just return from a 8D/7N Special Busan + Jeju with Lai Jarwei as our tour leader. Together with another guide from Korea they have taken good care of the group well, esp when my group are mostly senior citizens. We are lucky to have a young pretty lady in our grp of seniors. There are also some younger ones in other group. Jarwei made sure that we are okay and ensured our comfort & safety. He also helped us with carrying our luggage from the airport carrier belt.*Will definitely recommend n consider EUAsia for future trips. Once again, Jiawei, Jiayou!!!

  • 8D/7N Special Busan + Jeju trip  Nicholas Tan

    My family and I have recently returned from a 8D/7N Special Busan + Jeju trip with Lai Jiawei as our tour leader. Together with another guide from Korea they have taken good care of the group well, esp when our tour group consisted of mostly senior citizens. Nevertheless, the sights were splendid and although we would love to have more time spent there, the trip was rather well planned. Now, onto the tour leader Jiawei...

    As a person, Jiawei is very approachable and has a unique sense of humor. Whenever we had any difficulties such as not knowing where the nearest toilet or dustbin is (Korea has very few dustbins), he would usually be there to answer to our needs. Due to certain time constraints, we usually checked in late at night but had to wake up quite early the next day. As a result, he interacted with all of us to occasionally crack jokes and keep our spirits high and tried to make our trip as fun and lively as possible.

    Jiawei did his utmost to ensure our comfort & safety. Not only did he help us with transporting our luggage, he also catered to our individual needs. For instance, my younger brother was not accustomed to the kimchi and the spice level of the food there. However, Jiawei went out of his way by asking the local restaurant owners to cook an additional egg dish every meal solely for my brother's sake. Furthermore, he made it a point to check on our health and constantly asked us whether we were feeling sick or lethargic. 

    Simple gestures like these added up over the course of the trip have made us realize how caring and wonderful Jiawei is as a tour guide. Once again, a huge shoutout to Jiawei for the wonderful trip and memorable experience. Keep it up!

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    8D7N trip to SHANGHAI HUANGSHAN  Jenifer Lim

    Just returned from a 8D7N trip to SHANGHAI HUANGSHAN

    I must comment the professionalism of the tour leade Adrian for doing a good job during the whole trip.

    Together with the tour guides from China, they have taken good care of the Group well and especially so when most of us are already in our late 50s and 60s except for some younger ones.

    The oldest in the Group would probably be my Sister who is 77 years old.

    Adrian made sure that we are all okay and ensured our comfort and safety.

    Hotel accommodation throughout this trip was extremely good.

    My only not so good feedback will be the good. Throughout the journey, the food seems to be the same without any change in menu. My suggestion is that it will be good if there is variety in the good rather than making it so predictable for us the Guess what’s next on the menu.

    Overall it is an excellent trip for us and I must say if there are any other trips led by Adrian, I will go provided the tour price is affordable.

    Thank you

  • 8D7N Japan Sakura  Diana Teng

    Just came back from 8D7N Japan Sakura trip with tour leader Shirley Wang. She is a caring and thoughtful lady. She gets along very well with all of us. This trip the food is fantastic except for one meal which is too salty. The trip is well planned and everything is well organized. The only flaw of this trip is that almost every meals we had in a restaurant requires climbing up the stairs. Hopefully EU when organizing meals for group can checkout how many senior citizens are in that group and try to arrange meals in restaurant without climbing up stairs because this is too tedious for senior citizens and also to have less walking to the destination after drop off from bus.

    Central Japan  Jennifer Chan

    am Jennifer Chan khiok choo . I enjoy and happy on my tour to Central Japan with Shirley Wang with the group of newly friendship that I meet. My first time travelling alone and first trip to Japan with the help and care of Shirley … I must thanks to her and sincerely appreciated her …on all the way she help me and guide me … thank you
  • Taiwan Your   Li Wei ying

    Went on the package tour to Taiwan and our caring tour leader was a young man, Lai Jar Wei. He is a very thoughtful, friendly and helpful guy. He was considerate to make accommodation comfortable for our kids which made us feel at ease. He also helped to find 蚊香 for all our rooms. He provides us many useful information for our f&e day in Taiwan.
    Accommodation was pretty good especially at Leofoo Resort and the hot spring hotel. This was our 3rd time choosing EU as they adhered to the itinerary and our kids had enough time to play at the theme parks. Will definitely recommend & consider EU again for future trips.

    EU’s South Korea trip  Ng Hui Ling

    Dear Sir/Madam:


    I am a customer of EU who went for EU’s South Korea trip from 25 March to 1 April and I am writing this email to express how much my family and I appreciate the outstanding services that your employees had given us.


    We were really impressed with the hospitality your employees had showed us, and the employees include : the tour guide – Xien Yang, tour leader – Deseree and photographer – Kim. For example, during meal times, they made sure that we were comfortable and had enough food and would constantly top up our side dishes before they sat down and had their own meals. Xien Yang and Deseree stayed at the hotel lobby for 20 minutes whenever we moved to a new hotel so that in a situation where there were problems with our rooms, they could be found easily. Xien Yang also introduced many shops and products to us at the shopping malls where else many other tour guides would have just left us to shop by ourselves aimlessly.


    Kim did not just took on the role of the group’s photographer. He was constantly assisting our tour guide and leader. Kim was also always the last to board and first to alight from the tour bus where he would always give us a helping hand to board and alight the bus until the very last day. All the employees on this trip go extra miles for their guests.


    We are really thankful to have such a diligent tour guide on this trip. Xien Yang always tells us stories about the history of Korea, enhancing our knowledge about the country. Xien Yang would also give a brief introduction of the next location while we were on the bus for us to always be prepared and informed. I still remember how Xien Yang explained about the origin of Korean writings and various statues found at a palace place where all of us were amazed by the amount of knowledge he possessed . In addition, Xien Yang always volunteered to take pictures for us so as to include the whole family in.


    Furthermore, we were also very fortunate to have such a talented photographer in our group where all the photographs that he took were astounding and so good that my mother and I decided to buy the whole album.


    All the EU’s employees on this trip are caring, gentle and always place their guests as their top priority. Even our tour bus driver who always ate lesser than all of us, ensured that he was fully awake to give us a safe ride.


    We thank you again for giving us such a memorable trip. My mother and I will be looking forward to more trips with EU.


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    Hokkaido   Jonathan James (December)

    During the Hokkaido December trip organised by Singapore Travel Agency, EU Asia holidays I had the pleasure to experience the excellent tour guide services of Lai JarWei.
    My family and myself were impressed by the outstanding service attitude demonstrated and the comprehensive knowledge of Jarwei about the destinations we visited on the way.
    He was always ready to serve the needs and extra wishes of the travelers as well as providing valuable insight information.
    Through his friendly and service orientated manner, Jarwei contributed to the great success of our tour with long lasting and very positive memories of Hokkaido, Japan.
    We surely come back one day for other Asia Tour Pakcages

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    Bhutan, Vietnam, Korea and Japan   LiLi Yeo (November)

    Having compared within a number of tour packages from different  travel agency in Singapore, i traveled to Taiwan with Eu Asia Holidays in Nov finally. I’d like to give thumbs up to this trustworthy local travel agency. The itinerary was precisely designed by heart, which gave us a all-around experience of Taiwan Travel. Accommodation, food and transportation were far beyond our expectations. The process of choosing travel agency was a nuisance to me. But after this journey, I would say i’d like to stick with Eu Asia for the rest destination on my travel list: Bhutan, Vietnam, Korea and Japan !!

  • 9D7N Hokkaido winter sensation, Japan tour package  Anna Ying,

    Tour Name : 9D7N Hokkaido winter sensation, Japan tour package
    Tour leader : Adrian
    Just completed hokkaido trip with Singapore Travel Agency Eu Asia Holidays! My family would like to commend our tour leader Adrian for attending to the needs of everyone on the trip. His care and concern for every member would leave a lasting memory. His rapport,personal touch and ability to strike up a conversation with participants of the tour group regardless of age enabled him to leave a lasting impression. He is like a friend to everyone. Well done!

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    Eastern Europe   Tan Bee Lian (Oct /Nov 16)

    I was also impressed by our tour leader, Lai Jia Wei during our trip to Zhangjiajie in Oct /Nov 16 with EU Asia. He was helpful and assisted us in every way he could. This leads me to sign on another tour with EU Holidays to Eastern Europe in May 2017.